How long do you exercise

Liri Y.
For me it is easier to train within a framework because it gives me motivation to continue. I work out twice a week, for two hours each time.
Amanda B.
Usually depends on how mutch energy and time I have.
I either do an organized 40 minutes of stretching and tapis roulant or a 20 minutes of walk or stairs.
Ruth X.
I usually exercise in the morning for 10 minutes. 5 minutes stretching and 5 minutes walking. I also exercise in the evening. 10 minutes stretches, yoga, meditation and then a light 10 minute jog/walk/jog and then end with 5 minutes of pushups, planks and sit-ups before I stretch again for about 2 minutes and then Iā€™m done.
Bianca T.
Well, usually my exercise plan looks like this:
In the morning, after I eat, I set aside a minute for light exercises.
In the afternoon, I do exercises for about 4 minutes (squats, push-ups)
In the evening, I do exercises for 7 minutes: plank, push-ups, squats, plank on one hand, etc.)
Now, everyone organizes their time and the moments when they want to do their exercises differently, so maybe you are not suitable for such training.