After establishing your exercise habit, how has your workout regimen changed? I was wondering because we all must’ve start somewhere small.

Isabell T.
At first it was great, being a single mom though it’s always hard to find time to workout. My body feels lighter while working out or moving in general, no sugar and more water has made a noticeable difference! My skin is happy, my body has been happy.
Magnus P.
My workout regimen is constantly changing. I guess just by telling myself “I need 5 minutes of movement to start my day” that reminds me that just dancing around in the morning or enjoying my morning walk with my dog is plenty. I live in New York City and work as a bike messenger so everyday is filled with activity.. which has affected my “set” regimen but nevertheless it is that 5 minutes in the morning that keeps me on track.
Christopher Y.
I gave myself permission to make my workout regimen a little easier, but most importantly I am much more kind and forgiving to myself when I am tired or short on time and I want to do a little less one day. This sets me free to celebrate my accomplishments (even the smallest ones) and makes me feel more positive toward my workout the next day.
Joe P.
Look at working out as something you GET to do everyday so that you can feel good the rest of the day. My practice has changed overtime in that what I used to do in 2 hours I know just go into the gym understanding it’s about to hurt and knock out everything. Hardest part is starting but if you only workout when you feel like it you will gain weight very quickly.
Kay U.
I now start jogging with my dog, rather just walking my dog. I had a few craps on my calves and thighs but I kept pushing it on. I got home and had a glass of water, then went out with my wife for dinner.
Am Vel Q.
Imsince I work from home, I began my journey in between conference calls with online “home-friendly” workouts. Now I make it a habit to hit the gym directly after I drop the kids off to school in the morning and I don’t schedule any meetings during that time.
V Lmar I.
it's constantly changing. we become stronger, faster, and more powerful. so we need to change our workout to continue pushing ourselves. listen to your body. if a joint hurts or if you can't seem to get to a certain goal, don't hesitate to get information.
Hans Karl F.
I’ve started introducing types of exercise that I never considered before.

I had always been embarrassed to do anything but work out at home. Now, I go to salsa classes on a Thursday, I go to a bootcamp on a Saturday and I run on a Sunday with a neighbour. I found a way to make exercise a part of my social life, and now I look forward to it every time. It’s great!

Mille C.
Well, I established an exercise regime 40 years ago and have been a student of fitness and nutrition for equally as long, so it is engrained in my daily life. But if I go back to the beginning I recall that as it became more a part of my daily routine and I became more comfortable with trying new modalities as I became more confident, and strong, it became a life long priority which has served me well.
Eberardo P.
I luv excercise…it is my one leg of sanity! Idid cardio kick boxing from 2012 one on one pvt training I stop Oct 2018….In Jan 2019 with Fabulous …I just start 5min stretch es outside in mg garden ….I joined shrtly a Crosfity light group at RedX crosfit box …sml group classes …it feels like play..but I sweat a lot….so never park close to an entrance of a mall…walk…just keep moving …it akl ignite in your apprroach ….does this help
Tomothy W.
I put a exercise move to each letter in the alphabet (A = 10 push-ups; B = 15 squats) and then each week I write out a new word. I sometimes will mixup past weeks words and add them to my new weeks words.
Evaristo A.
I have 3 circles. First is just small pre workout actions. I do them every day, second is yoga – "greeting of the sun" . It is also 5 minutes , or less. Third is main workout for 10-15 minutes . I started from first circle for 2 month , adding second , and, after 1 month , adding third. It helps me stay on routine – even if I am not in the mood doing all three, started first I usually do not stop untill finish them all.
Celestine E.
I started going to the gym 4 days a week and then because the gym that I go to took off the 5:30pm-6:15pm class I have been going to the gym 3 days a week. It has been working for me perfectly and I have been sticking to it since. I started adjusting to it perfectly and I have kept myself motivated throughout.
Kelly O.
Before I started using Fabulous, I did my Abs workout in bits and pieces… Sometimes a stretch of 2 days, 4 days or even a whole week. But Fabulous helped me to regularise it. Now I am doing it daily without break days in between.
Cris P.
Actually exercising was not something I struggled with when starting Fabulous but the reasons I exercise have changed. I truly do it now with the thought of pampering and taking care of myself. The exercise itself is a reward vs being something I have to do.
Cleide A.
I have adopted an exercise routine that lets me be flexible depending on how I feel. It’s not too taxing, but if I feel like pushing it, there’s a higher level I can do. Likewise, if I’m not feeling it, I have a short routine I can do so I don’t have any excuse not to exercise.