What do you say to yourself when you have trouble jumping out of bed in the morning?

Marlies C.
I say to myself that I have work to do and it is time to wake up and start the day if I want to finish it and also have time to do other things that I like.
Hannah P.
I think about everything I want to do that day and say to myself that I better make a move and if I don't I'll be lazy and move little by little so I am motivated to actually get up and once I've sat up I will say I'm nearly there and even though I don't want to get out of bed there's no going back now I have to start my day at some point and going through all of that makes me feel stronger inside and helps me get out of bed.
Elise E.
It’s a new, fresh day we have opportunity to have new adventures And there so much to experience let’s get up and see what the world is doing
Catherine W.
It sounds simple, but I say “just do it,” or “just get up!” I have this little voice in my head in the mornings that is often trying to convince me to stay in bed longer, not worry about the consequences. But if I remember to just force myself and say, “just do it!” I can make that getting out bed a habit, even if I never quite get used to it!
Lucy W.
The state of the world has asked us to slow down and savor sleeping in. I do enjoy getting up early before my kids and want to start making time for myself again.
Gabriel P.
I am first scan the whole body with my mind and see if I feel uneasy somewhere and try to focus on the particular spot until I feel better about it. I then think of my morning routine like washing face and actually think about the refreshness it brings, and before I know it I'm up and awake and I can't stand the bed anymore I am then turning my joints to ease the morning feel, a bit of strech is welcome here and I go to the bathroom to wash and brush my teeth, once I'm out I feel amazing with my self and I can focus clearly on the rest of the day. Try to visualise how every stept of your morning routine is helping you and how it feels in your mind, it will definitely get you out of bed in the morning.
Lidija U.
I imagine getting back in bed later and enjoying it guilt free, AFTER I've gotten up & completed all my tasks for the day 😊
Charles P.
I don't usually have specific words, but instead a feeling of obligation and duty to myself. So I sort of say to myself "this is being kind to myself and this is the right thing to do"
Lindsey N.
I have to use technology to get me out of bed. No self motivation will work. First my smart watch vibrates silently on my arm to lightly wake me up. Then my phone has a gradual alarm that starts soft and gets louder. Then my phone has blasting loud alarm and that alarm is named “routine is key”, so if I haven’t dragged my self out of the bed yet – this alarm is the last last call and reminds me WHY I have to get. And this routine works for me. Like jack….Name your alarms.
L A Y.
I always think to myself the night before, how can I be productive tomorrow ? Usually that makes me excited, and motivated, if I focus on how much I can get done. So I get up stretch, drink water and start my day.
Manuel U.
I live with severe bipolar disorder and some mornings it’s nearly impossible to open my eyes, there’s such a weight on me. on those days i breathe, i slow down the pace of the morning to something i can keep up with. i tell myself, “hey girl. you’re okay. you’re just a little down, nothing a quick ____ can’t fix.” and i pick my favorite morning activity to do first. some days i can’t do that. but if you speak with kindness to yourself and be patient, you can get one foot out, then the other, etc! i’m sorry for the long explanation, i hope that helped!!!