How do you keep from getting bored with your exercise routines?

Emma S.
Today, my resolve to do my exercise routine was very low, because I'm on my period. I still wanted to honour the routine so I changed my set of exercises to a lighter one. Maybe the key against boredom or lack of motivation this one morning is variety and accept to do differently than yesterday as long as you fix an atteignable goal and stick to it. Even if it's just a walk while listening to music, 10 jumps in your living room or 10 sit-ups you have to finish before you can start your bucket list for the day. Adapt your routine as long as you honour your engagement to do some sort of exercise, and with time it becomes a milestone to your day.
Beck N.
Listen to something that motivates you or even think about the body you want while doin your exercises reminding you of why you started
Oc Ane T.
I do a cloe ting program it has a lot of diffrent workouts and you can focus on what you wanna do, like losing weight or get abs that kinda stuff so i recommend doing that