How do you feel about cycling indoors?

Johanne Y.
okay let's say cycling indoors is a workout kinda thing and not as amusing as other activities. So no i don't really that reflects myself but i would do it, dump i already cycle indoors every now and then.
Kate Q.
I would love to be able to have one of those indoor bike thingies at home (idk the correct term) because I struggle to get to the gym but I know if I had one at home I would use it, I find it fun
Lea U.
I’m not big on cycling however I do love a good spinning class which I try to do three times a week. In an environment like that where motivation is all around you you can’t help but really enjoy it.
Asha Y.
Do you mean on a bicycle. If that’s what you mean then recently I have been enjoying a peloton 2-3 times a week and I think it’s fun. I like that the weather doesn’t matter and that u can shower right after.
Holly N.
I have a stationary bike at home, and it has helped a lot! It is an easy, accessible way to exercise when you are low on ideas or short on time.
Paulina E.
I don't cycle indoors but I do love riding around with my dog captain in his back basket I have made for him.but if I was to cycle indoors I would put a Forest theme tapestry Infront of me on a wall so I can pretend I am riding in the forest