Do you do the same thing every day? Or do you like to mix it up? Why?

Caylan W.
i like to mix things up a bit. some times i will to a habit for a longer time depending on my mood. i like to listen to music that makes me happy as well! i would recommend doing things that lift up your mood overall 😊
Megan Q.
MIX IT UP ! I enjoy completing different tasks, stepping out and going outside when it’s nice weather, working on a different body part at the gym etc
Marion U.
You should follow a set routine each day, because after a while, you will no longer need to put effort towards doing the things in that routine, because your brain will have made it automatic. It may take effort to exercise in the morning for a few weeks, but after those few weeks, it will almost feel like you are doing it automatically. By forcing yourself to do hard things at the same time each day, they will no longer seem hard after a few weeks. You will no longer need to put energy towards those activities, as they become as normal as eating and sleeping.

I love variety, but when it comes to routines, it should not be there. Otherwise, they will never truly feel like habits – your brain will always be playing catch-up, never able to make it automatic. Routines are meant to be mundane – so that all of your energy is directed towards the rest of your day.

Benjamin Z.
Doing same thing for a week or two is good but then it becomes boring so to spice it up a little bit i try to do different kinds of things everyday