How do I get bigger, leaner and more explosive muscles?

Sonam U.
Make a commitment
Make a tight morning schedule, do muscle gaining exercise following with heavy breakfast. Push yourself as harder as you can.
Reagan E.
In order to gain muscle you would have to eat more calories than you are burning. For exercises, weight lifting and training is probably the best bet. But don’t forget about basic workouts as well
Hannah M.
I’m no dietician, but this is what I’ve heard from mainly TikTok and have been trying to incorporate into my own routine. While in a calorie surplus while **strength training/lifting weights** more muscle will be gained rather than eatting less food/normal amount. Once that muscle is gained, slip into a calorie deficit which will then give a defined look of the muscles gained, losing fat. There’s no way to get lean and get bigger at the same time unless you are in a slight deficit of some sort. Again, I’m trying to figure the same things myself with this information, so I’m not entirely positive with this information.