How do you keep yourself motivated when you do not feel like working out?

G Lsen E.
My workout is not dependent if I do feel like or don't. I am running Mon, Wed, Fri and going to the gym on Tue & Sat. I don't care when I don't feel like. Everything will be easier if you will drink coffee or pre-workout energy drink 15-30 minutes before workout.
Tyrone Z.
I wish that I was motivated to work out all the time. My life is very busy so I think it's better to do HIIT workouts. Even doing a 7-10 minute high intensity workout while kids nap is a great way to stay energized and keep on task without sacrificing time to yourself.
Miguel E.
Honestly, I just do it. I find that I really enjoy it during and after but starting sometimes I lack an emotional motivation to do. So I just decided not to rely on the feeling of motivation and literally just do it like Nike.
Rosalyn F.
When I don't feel like working out I make myself think that if I will not exercise then I will feel lazy and will become fat as before. When this thing comes to my mind, my inner self replies that today you have to work out. That's how I motivate myself to exercise. 🙂
Danielle G.
I took the apps advice and started very small…. I just picked a 10min morning yoga video and keep doing the same routine.
Tony P.
I think about how good I feel afterward. Then I decide that all I really need to do is start … Steering is that hard part. Once in started its easy to keep going.
Aisha N.
When I don’t feel like working out, I do something small. The key for me is to keep going and it’s most important to do when you don’t feel like it. Because that is what keeps you going and forms the base of your healthy habits. Do something small like a minute or two of working out but do it so that you can say I didn’t feel like but I still did it! And when you feel motivated the next time, do a little extra exercise to make up for it if you like. The key to motivation is to find joy in what you do and get that feel good feeling after completing it! So find what works for you and enjoy it! 🙂
Erin Z.
Just take one small step. Get your clothes on and get out the door. Once you do that, it’s much less likely you won’t do it!