Did you find guided meditations good for you?

Clemens Z.
No, I use meditation with sound healing music playing. I focus on my breath and set a timer so that I don't focus on how much time is going by during meditation.
Lenice A.
For me this usually doesn’t work because I get annoyed with a voice that is supposed to be soothing fairly quickly. However, I can imagine that for others this will help to focus your thoughts and practice silencing distracting thoughts
Lydia J.
Guided medidation helped me set an actual ritual in my meditation, a path on how to access my inner self and be mindful of my environment. Now I don't use guided meditation anymore, I know the path and how to meditate.
I enjoy guided meditation some time to time now to learn new things to add to my morning meditation.
Maryam M.
Yeah. I don't do meditation regularly but whenever i do it feels so relaxing and lifts so much pressure and anxiety from my shoulders.
Isabelle O.
Not really. However i do think that is because im a restless person and i constantly have something to do or need to be doing something
Vincent S.
Absolutely! I would say that has been one of the most life-changing experiences for me. I love how it gives me a chance to reset and remember to be present and that unintended thoughts are pointless. I've learned to let them float by like clouds without attaching to them, resulting in peace.
Derci E.
Meditation always have been doing good for me, but the problem is the person who's doing it, am I able to do it consistently?