Do you exercise everyday? Do you worry about overtraining?

Brittney G.
i make the effort to exercise everyday but it doesn’t always happen. i don’t usually worry about overtraining in the sense that i’ll be at the gym too long. i do worry about training one muscle group too much compared to the others
Aadya F.
Yes, I try to exercise everyday and I don't worry about overtraining I mean nothing terrible is going to happen by just overtraining a bit.😊
Anuncia O Z.
There is no way I can exercise everyday, no matter how much I want to. Life just happens sometimes! So no, I don't really need to worry about overtraining.
Ananya E.
Yes i love exercising everyday! It gives me a lot of energy and it makes me feel good! I do exercise for 30-40mins everyday
Sandra W.
Yes I exercise every day and have been doing so for the past year and a half. Some days I work out for 1 hour other days it is 30 minutes.

No I don’t worry about over training.

Elise C.
Yes I exercise daily, and I don’t do anything heavy enough for overtraining. I mostly do a little every day then big work outs every other day
Nalwa X.
Yeah I try to exercise everyday but I have never felt or worried that I would overtrain myself because I usuelly stop before I get too tired
Brandon T.
I sometimes exercise when I feel down about myself. I call this an "gymbro phase" where I begin exercising consistently every day. I do tend to overtrain myself, but then all of a sudden I lose all that motivation. About two weeks later, I say to myself "Back to square one." and rinse and repeat.