How do you motivate yourself when you’d rather not start?

Israel Q.
I try to motivate myself by making a time schedule and making it kind of a game. I also use the 'just start' deep work routine…
Nobre Q.
I think of it as priming a pump- once you have that first little bit, the rest is suddenly possible. I know that once I get up off the couch and take the literal first steps, inertia is suddenly on my side instead of against me.
Johanne C.
Whatever I do is for my own good living and that's why I try to do my exercise , to eat a good breakfast and drink a lot of water because all of them makes me to feel more energetic
Terri O.
It helps if I tell myself I only have to start and have permission to quit immediately. After I get started, I usually don’t want to quit.
Katrine F.
I reflect on why it is I do not want to start. Intently. There is always a reason for the resistance. Finding that reason already brings relief to that resistance, and more often than not there is actually something I can do to alleviate it even more: if I feel too tired, I take a short nap/pause, if I'm stressed about something else, I note down exactly why and adress it later, and so on.
Erkan Z.
I use videos (at and while the intro runs I make the bed, so it is easy to press play and then the warm up eases me in. Also, I use their calendar so my workout is already picked out ahead of time. If I'm feeling extremely anti exercise, I'll substitute a shorter video, even just 5 minutes is better than nothing.
William J.
You are the boss of you. You tell yourself to do it, and just do. One of the most motivating things ever is realizing that motivation doesn't exist. There is no bank of it handing it out, and no group of people collecting it door to door. There are those who do and those who don't. The difference is if you want what you think you want, or if you want laziness.
Willi G.
Acknowledge that you don't want to start, then gently ask yourself why. I often find if I'm avoiding something it's because I feel overwhelmed by it, or by the idea of it – and that includes the task plus whatever emotion I've attached to it – usually fear, which then blows it up in my mind into something bigger and scarier than it really is.

Break the task into pieces. If it still feels overwhelming, break it into still smaller pieces. Keep breaking it down into smaller and smaller pieces until you have one tiny action you can start with. If it seems pathetically small, great. Do that one tiny little action, then celebrate. You have started!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Henry R.
My ways to motivate me are rather simple

1. I remember "why" am I doing this and remind myself everytime I tend to lose my path.

2. I set my alarms with motivational songs. When the beginning is right, rest automatically follows

3. If I lose motivation after I gave been on the path for a while, I tell me "Don't waste/disrespect what has already been invested i.e. take it all the way now, it's my obligation to myself"

4. Last and the most powerful one is to remember, time once gone will not come again. Either I can win now or can remain a loser forever.

You are doing it for yourself. Not for anyone else but for your own happiness. Don't compromise. You deserve everything! Be happy and make it happen!

Goodluck 🌹

Ashley P.
I start as quickly as possible. Every second I dwell on my lack of motivation makes it harder to start. I tell myself, Do It Now.
Nelson T.
Don’t think. Don’t debate with yourself. You have made an agreement with yourself and you need to honour the self that made those commitments- that is your better self. Make sure your better self sets the plan, and when you are tired don’t think, don’t consider, just follow the plan. Put your shoes on. Start running. Put the timer on. Start writing.
Frida C.
I trick myself and I tell myself, “okay just get up and brush your teeth.” And after I brush my teeth, I tell myself, “okay well you’re already up, take your medicine.” And then I keep doing that and by the end of it, I have a bunch of things done! It’s less overwhelming when you tell yourself you’re doing one thing instead of waking up and thinking omg I have so much to do!
Clinton G.
It's hard. I do a lot of stopping and starting things. I usually need some form of accountability. I often procrastinate and feel like I can't do anything. I have ADHD, so I'm easily distracted. Sometimes, you just decide to do it. You use apps. You listen to upbeat music. You just get tired of not doing anything. Maybe you need a friend. That's okay too. Not everyone ticks the same, even with similar personalities and issues.
Lea W.
I start with the smallest task to give myself a little victory and motivation. Then immediately after that small high I start my hardest task and that gives me a snowball effect of positivity. Before I know it I’m done with my morning ritual
Tobias W.
I have days like that frequently. My biggest motivation is this app! I just can’t stand to see that little number on the app without clearing it, and I don’t want to lie, so I have to exercise.
C Tia O.
Thinking that I need to be better for my family, for my future children, stay making more money so I can have more time for myself and share with them. Now I need to look in a immigration plan where we can stay for long
Arnold T.
I tell myself I only have to do one step (walk to where my workout clothes are and put them on) the first step is the hardest and then habit or momentum carries me forward.
Birthe X.
Starting is the hardest part, especially when you have daily reminders. I try to remember that once I begin what I set out to do, I am already close to being finished
Eduardo E.
I have to tell myself that it’s worth it. To be a better sister, friend, and daughter I have to be ready for anything. And I think of this every morning to get me started.
Molly Z.
I remind myself, if you want something to happen you have to do something for it to happen. Meaning if you have a goal, then you have to do things to reach the goal. I want to loose weight so I have plenty of apps that remind me to exercise At certain times of the day. Sometimes I don’t want to do it but I end up doing it because if I don’t then it’s makes me feel lazy. When you tell your mind not to do something then your not gonna do it for the sus counting on