How do you exercise in the evening?

Gissele Z.
I First drink water, then choose the abdominal/core focused exercise (4 minutes), then a 1 minute exercise in the fabulous app. Which helps me feel relaxed due to a feeling of accomplishment when the exercises was finished.

Pero X.
I'm on a sports team, so my practice is in the evening. If we don't have practice, I still like to do something in place of it.

Matt S.
Before dinner I like to run for one hour and jump rope for 15-20mins, followed by a stretch (I exercise better on an empty stomach).

Pranay J.
As I am a NEET student I want calm mind In morning I do cardio exercise ( 2 sets)
Eventually I do meditation in Night before sleep so I can retain my learning activities
So that's it
You have to prioritize
Because nothing is more than a peaceful mind it makes my day productive and I study only not other and exercise

Michelle Y.
I exercise around 9 am. I usually choose something I like to do. I have rollerblades and a dog so it’s pretty easy for me to just grab either of those and go for it. Being hydrated and relaxed always helps me.

Dee W.
Usually I try to exercise in the morning or late afternoon (that way I can get it out of the way and make it a more vigorous exercise without affecting my sleep). However, if I must exercise before bed, then I usually do something light (e.g. stretching, foam rolling, mobility work), which I need to do more of anyway.

Enes C.
I go for a run/bike ride, otherwise I've made some workout routines that suit my own abilities e.g. push ups, lunges, planks, bokatar high knees things like this that I can do plenty of without hurting myself or over stretching my limits.

Joless N.
i usually dont. but if i want i stretch my body with exercises that i can do in my bed: something for arms and torso and my legs – you can try some yoga positions too 🙂

Stacey F.
Eu não costumo me exercitar, mas quando faço isso eu jogo jogos no Xbox que precisam do Kinect, pulo corda ou me alongo.

Evelyn E.
I do not exercise in the evening. There is no more energy for that. But, actually, taking care of a baby whole day is excersie as well.

Sharon Y.
I exercise every morning and this help me a lot. I stretched all my body and then di exercise. Tanks fabulous for remind me to do this fantastic things

Avid E.
I mostly don’t exercise in the evening. Evening time seems to be taken up by cooking and dinner. Though this question has made me think about an evening exercise routine too