How do you exercise in the evening?

Gissele Z.
I First drink water, then choose the abdominal/core focused exercise (4 minutes), then a 1 minute exercise in the fabulous app. Which helps me feel relaxed due to a feeling of accomplishment when the exercises was finished.
Pero X.
I'm on a sports team, so my practice is in the evening. If we don't have practice, I still like to do something in place of it.
Matt S.
Before dinner I like to run for one hour and jump rope for 15-20mins, followed by a stretch (I exercise better on an empty stomach).
Avid E.
I mostly don’t exercise in the evening. Evening time seems to be taken up by cooking and dinner. Though this question has made me think about an evening exercise routine too
Pranay J.
As I am a NEET student I want calm mind In morning I do cardio exercise ( 2 sets)
Eventually I do meditation in Night before sleep so I can retain my learning activities
So that's it
You have to prioritize
Because nothing is more than a peaceful mind it makes my day productive and I study only not other and exercise
Michelle Y.
I exercise around 9 am. I usually choose something I like to do. I have rollerblades and a dog so it’s pretty easy for me to just grab either of those and go for it. Being hydrated and relaxed always helps me.
Dee W.
Usually I try to exercise in the morning or late afternoon (that way I can get it out of the way and make it a more vigorous exercise without affecting my sleep). However, if I must exercise before bed, then I usually do something light (e.g. stretching, foam rolling, mobility work), which I need to do more of anyway.
Enes C.
I go for a run/bike ride, otherwise I've made some workout routines that suit my own abilities e.g. push ups, lunges, planks, bokatar high knees things like this that I can do plenty of without hurting myself or over stretching my limits.
Joless N.
i usually dont. but if i want i stretch my body with exercises that i can do in my bed: something for arms and torso and my legs – you can try some yoga positions too 🙂
Stacey F.
Eu não costumo me exercitar, mas quando faço isso eu jogo jogos no Xbox que precisam do Kinect, pulo corda ou me alongo.
Evelyn E.
I do not exercise in the evening. There is no more energy for that. But, actually, taking care of a baby whole day is excersie as well.
Sharon Y.
I exercise every morning and this help me a lot. I stretched all my body and then di exercise. Tanks fabulous for remind me to do this fantastic things