What should I do when I feel too tired to exercise?

Alfred C.
You should concentrate on why you feel tired. Sometimes, you think you do not have enough time to exercise due to waking up late, having many tasks, just feeling tired and so on. A small is better than nothing so that let’s try small exercise such as using stairs, walking around your home, just stretching and so forth. If this way does not work, how about change when you exercise. Let’s find the best timing when you exercise!

Andrea Z.
maybe just going for a short workout routine!!! 10 minutes are enough. Or maybe you could have a rest day (giving yourself a break is important)

Detlef Z.
I read Atomic Habits and a lot of the concepts tie in to what’s used here. Two choices: 1) We’re human after all, so if you end up missing a day, that’s fine. Just make sure to not let the habit of skipping more than a day in a row set in. 2) Just show up. Even if your workout is awful, building the habit of showing up and doing less is better than none at all.

Karen N.
Think of how you’ve feel when you do exercise. Sense of achievement , and that general sense of well-being. If you are too tired , go for a short walk or do some simple stretches.😍

Magdalena C.
Take a couple of minutes to stretch or do yoga – this will leave you relaxed and full of energy while not being too demanding on your body.

Fernando Z.
If tired .. i ll do the short session instead of long one. Or do soft yoga.

I ll choose the easy exercise that can do at home.