Does just walking count?

Patrick R.
If it’s all you have motivation for, it’s better than nothing, but the goal is to be motivated enough to find yourself trying to break a real sweat.
Justine O.
Walking is definitely a solid start. I would say try to go out and take a walk around your neighborhood. I wouldn't count walking around the house to get ready for the day, but a nice, solid chunk of continuous movement is the main goal, not necessarily major exertion.
Baltasar W.
Physical activity of any kind is greater than no physical activity at all. So definitely walking counts. If you are motivated, running, jogging or walking fast is better than just walking.
For someone starting to exercise and is not able to run or do cardio, walking is good. But we should later on aim for getting our heart rate to be higher during the exercise in order to get more benefits.
Eli J.
Yes it does! You’re moving you’re body in a healthy way. If you feel like you may want to do more, you can walk and run in alternating intervals. Then maybe walk and jog, or walk and run. Do what works best and feels good for your body! Remember: In you’re fitness journey, the only person you should be competing with is the “you” yesterday or from your previous session! Be well 🙂
Holly O.
I believe walking can be better than running due to the impact on your joints over all. Having said that, a fast paced walk will increase your heart rate sufficiently to burn those calories.
Arlene P.
I would say anything that at least doubles your resting heart rate. So if your resting heart rate is 70, 140 would be the target.
Jacob J.
Yes! It's an especially great place to start. The only time in my life that I ever enjoyed running started with just walking every morning.
Richard F.
I don’t think just walking is enough but it’s better then nothing. It depends on the starting physical condition. If a person has no health issues and doesn’t exercise at all walking may help to stay in the same shape but not to improve.
Aaron J.
I think any time you specifically set aside for exercise counts. It's always better to do something rather than nothing. If walking is feeling too easy you can try increasing the pace, finding a hill to add to your route, or add some jogging time in.
Lise S.
Well I just started a walking workout from a YouTube video. I was finding it hard to get out of the house for that so I started 1 mile walking workout at home. It is so much fun and so refreshing. Since I love it i might start going out with the video playing and follow it.
Maelya Q.
Absolutely. Walking is a human super power. Like a cheetah who can take off running at blistering speeds, we humans are built with the gift of long distance movement. We can walk far and cover incredible distances across all kinds of terrain! Walking gets our blood flowing and creativity brewing and is such a wonderful and form of getting around. Get out and walk as much as possible!
Gabriel F.
It depends on in wich way you mean? It doesn't count as running and high intensity exercise, but it does count in being active.
Sander C.
Yes,it counts.But I think it's bettter to do a little bit more intense exercises if we are fit enough to burn fat and tone muscles.If we can't,we can simply walk and enjoy the day.
Ingolf T.
It depends on the pace of your walk or how you feel during your walk. If you’re walking at a brisk pace(power-walk) and really pushing yourself then yes walking definitely counts as an exercise. Or if you feel you are tired or having trouble walking to your car, then you should turn to walking as your go to exercise. Start walking more, just get moving.
Andrea X.
A long walk can be so beneficial depending on the pace and the mind set or the goal. When I can I go for long walks 👍🏽
Malthe C.
I think yes, just walking counts. Walking is still a form of exercise, and some days you may not have the time or motivation to do more. But “just walking” will still be doing your body good, especially if the alternative is doing nothing. I also look at it as a way of switching things up, or giving yourself a rest day if a previous workout has left you too sore for more. And sometimes I like to enhance the walk by making it a “speed walk” and imagining a fast-paced song in my head to keep time to (“Radiator” by Family Force 5 is my favorite for this.😉) Anyway, the point is, walking can help you stick with it or get back on track when you’re in a slump. It counts!
Mia J.
Any form of movement to improve your overall state counts. The walk can be physical, mental or spiritual strengthening. Just be mindful of the purpose each time.
Lauro W.
For people with knee or hip issues and those who have been sedentary for a long time, walking is great way to improve aerobic fitness!
Wladimir U.
Yes! You're not "just" walking, you're getting up and moving around more than you were doing before. Anything you add to your overall physical activity: one step more, one more minute of standing, etc. all adds up. So be proud of walking because it's not "just" anything.
Sesinando Z.
Yes. Definitely. But the progression of where we are and where we want to be is the key. We may start with walking but progress to walking fast, and then to exercising when we feel it is time
Tracey E.
Every move counts! Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk to the grocery store, just wander around and look at the buildings. A little move is always better than none at all 🙂