How do you organize yourself to find time to go out for running or any other exercise?

Christine P.
First, mindset. You control how your time is spent. Maybe running isn't a priority and you are naturally handling what matters most. If running should be a priority, you should be able to say why. Once you know why, you can decide how much time and how frequently to do it. Then use habit tricks like this app! Find a friend to run with or to hold you accountable. Sleep with gym clothes on and shoes next to the bed. Find a coffee shop to run to, have a drink you like, then run back. That's what worked best for me with running.
Travis U.
I like to keep a weekly schedule. But the thing about schedules is that sometimes they don’t always work out. So maybe plan out 1 day and stick with it. Or maybe just plan 1 thing in 1 day and stick with it. Once you’re more comfortable with your schedule and you know what works and what doesn’t for you, you can alter it in whichever way you see fit. Start by putting down obligations that you cannot miss: work, class, dropping kids off to school, etc. Once all that is in place, I promise you, you will have time to fit your workout time.
Ivana Q.
All you have to do is have a set time that you want to exercise. Plan out what you want to get done today and a have a time that you want to take a break set in stone. Make sure that you have the time set at the beginning of the day so you can be prepared to stick to it.
Guenter N.
Well, I divided the time on my day in different sections. In each one of those I have something to get done, exercise as well. I usually do it in the early afternoon, so that I feel better to continue my work during the rest of the day. Hopefully I helped you 🙂
Have a nice day!
Rosie U.
On my calendar write out exactly what part of my body I am working out and the plan for the day or week the night before . Set Example: full body; 10 burpees 3 sets, 30 sec mountain climbers, 3 sets; 50 glute bridges, 50 plank jacks 3 sets; 30 sec bicep curls burnout 3 sets, 30 sec tricep dips or use weights 3 sets. Stretch
L O Z.
I plan my day the evening before, so when I eat my breakfast I still know what I’m gonna do for today. So I always keep in mind that I have to go for a run today..
Kim O.
Do something short each day like a 7-15min HIIT workout. I rarely get time to go out for a long run, I save that for weekends if I can.
Francisco Q.
Stop thinking about how you will do it.
Get up, put your workout clothes on and do any activity that is fun for you.
You will feel accomplished and the rest of your day will be productive.
Elya E.
Honestly I wake up and drink water and then get ready for my run before I drink coffee in the morning. To me it just makes sense to run in the morning
Romano F.
Since it’s quarantine and I’m stuck at home, I have lots of free time. But if you’re having trouble fitting it in, try doing it as the first thing you do when you get up. And it doesn’t have to be an hour or anything, even a ten minute workout is good! Do what you can and if it’s really important to you, then make time for it because it’s worth it 💛
Andrea K.
Having a support system helps a lot. Or turning it into a fun event (checking out the cherry blossoms in the neighborhood) or a challenge (last week I ran 3K, next week I'll do 5K). Giving reason to why I'm doing something helps me realize why I need to do it now rather than later.
Rosemary Z.
I've formed a habit of night time walking along the beach to ensure I follow the social distancing laws. I also try to exercise during my breaks from study and work to refresh myself.
Amanda F.
I have to do it in the morning otherwise after the full day of work, there isn't any motivation to do anything else! I do not go running, but my body doesn't allow it! Ha! But my morning schedule is: wake, drink water and meds, eat breakfast, work out, take a shower, then get to work on school stuff.
Adam Z.
I have found that since the first goal of drinking water, I get out of bed almost immediately after. This gives me more time in the morning, because I now don't spend 30 plus minutes in bed after waking up. I also make sure to have my work out clothes right by my bed.
Trishna E.
I use the Fabulous app to add exercising into my afternoon routine, since that is the best time for me to do that. Afterwards I can take a shower (which is also in my routine) and change into my night clothes. I also have exercising as a time block in my todo list at 5:30 pm.
Rosemary T.
I don't I just keep my shoes in the same place every day so when I need them I can find them and the get pu taway in the same place every day.
Ricky G.
I typically find random excuses. But I also write it in my daily planner. That’s a new thing I’ve started. And I feel guilty if I don’t check it off.
Mois S I.
Know yourself and your current habits! For me, I knew I'd need to complete my workouts first thing in the morning. However, I also knew that I am the type of person who will hit snooze at least twice. Therefore I set my alarm for 45 min earlier (allowing myself 15 min of snooze time). My morning exercise of choice is yoga, so I placed my mat at the foot of my bed so that I can't leave my room without stepping on it. Then I promised I would not take a step out of my bedroom until I finished my workout.
My evening exercise of choice is running on my treadmill. In order to keep this habit up, I stage my "running socks" next to the treadmill before I leave for work. Then in the evening, I promised myself that I would not go into my room until I had either run 1 mile or walked for 20 min. When I started this habit help, I evaluated and changed around my evening routine. It was easy to see that if I swapped out watching my 1-2 hours of TV before falling asleep, to instead listening to podcasts while I run, I have the extra time to not only exercise, but to also get to bed earlier and be more refreshed and ready to wake up earlier the next day.
Claire W.
Usually I sleep in the majority of my workout clothes and set aside chill coffee/water time every morning. When I’m ready I have a small space to work with (but luckily high ceilings) so I have my jump rope, kettlebell and yoga mat in my workout corner for easy access. The most helpful time crunch workouts I do are tabata (20 s on and 10 s rest for 4 mins) I can do rotations of different exercises for how ever long usually I shoot for 20 mins/4 rotations but on the mornings in a rush I’ll do even just 1 or 2 rotations (4-8 mins) bc something is better than nothing!
Hiranmayi C.
I always make sure to organize at least some time to exercise everyday , and I always remember to ask my parents for some space aswell.
Charles P.
I have my morning routine daily which is: wake , drink water, read, and exercise. I do this before breakfast and I’m ready for the day
Amber E.
Look at your screen time on your phone, think about how much time you waste watching TV or procrastinating. Could you get up earlier?
Plan your daily schedule and make it a priority.
Emily P.
I make sure it is the very first thing I do in the day. I wake up, write down 1 grateful, put my exercise clothes on and then start exercising. That way I cant avoid it and it's done for the day. An easy win to start the day.
Lj N.
Prioritise it – schedule it in like you would any other appointment (or chore!) to find the time, and if an hour or 30min duration is too long, find time to do 2 x 15min slots instead. Guaranteed you will feel better for doing it and then will want to make the time for it in your day!
Gloria O.
i don’t make myself exercise at any specific time in the day. I work out every other day and it may sound silly but I try to listen to my body to decide when on that day to work out. If I am energized in the morning, I do it then. If I’m restless in the afternoon, I do it then. I think it’s good to have a weekly plan for working out, but don’t try to hold yourself to a specific time too much.
Pouya N.
Mostly after finishing my classes or work right away otherwise I get too tired
Or between my classes I do some push ups
Oc Ane P.
My best tip is to exercise just after breakfast as this apps recommends. If you have to, wake up earlier, but for me it's way easier to do it at the beginning of my day.
Claudina F.
I set aside 30 mins in a day for exercise. Now due to Corona & Lockdown I watch 30 mins fitness video online and follow them without fail. I force myself to do it.. so that I get into a habit of doing it daily
Darryl N.
Having an accountable partner helps tou feel like you owe it to them aswell and helps you get out of bed. I convinced my mom to do it with me so we wake up and jog together and when we get back i do my exercise on my own after that.