What do you tell your self to keep the excercise strike when you’re really tired?

Laura N.
I am telling myself I am doing it for my health so it is really easy for me excercise or even walk for 3 km. Walks are also great. 🙃🤲🏻
Josefine W.
I always take a day or two off from working out. I don’t have any set days off. Just when I’m tired I might take that day off. If I’ve already taken my two days of rest, then I’ll try getting up and moving around, doing things around the house to get my blood pumping before I work out. I just remind myself of my goal and that I’ve come too far to stop moving forward. Any progress, is further than you were before you started.
Tim N.
When I starting to feel tired to exercise, I’m starting to tell my self that I don’t need to break the chain and I’ll improve my discipline and that will help me to improve my life 😎💪🏽👍🏽
Holly X.
I usually find that if I think too much about if I want to do it then I’ll make excuses and I won’t do it so usually I try to just do it anyways because I feel proud of myself when I can push myself to keep going and I feel more accomplished.
Irene Z.
Having a friend (or friends) that go with me to the gym really helps me.
I was actually having one of those days today when my friend told me that she was going and asked, "You want to come?"
I answered, "I think today is the first day that I am actually feeling tired…"
She immediately responded, " Sorry, wrong question. You're going."
Gotta love people like that who will keep you on track!
Evel Cio Z.
Even when I'm really tired and i have to exercise i tell myself that if i don't exercise i will fall back into the hole that i was is
So no matter how tired you are. You should always exercise cause honestly the alternative is much much worse
Mustafa Q.
Watch videos about weight loss or healthy lifestyle to motivate you. Or eat 2 pieces of biscuits so that you feel like you have to exercise to lose those calories
Eitel O.
If I keep motivated, there will be an ultimate payoff. I've just got to persist and hang in there, because the persistence will payoff in the long term.
Daniel J.
Don’t think about the exercise, just the next step. Get dressed. Then walk to the gym. Then stretch. All easy things. Then suddenly you’re in the mood to exercise.

I guess I just trust that the movement of getting to the gym will wake me up enough by the time I start.

Also, let yourself have an easy workout if you’re tired! Just do something quick and not intense. It’s still a workout, and you’re better than you were when you started.

Sometimes a nap is the wiser idea though!

Alfred J.
When I feel too tired to exercise, I use that as an opportunity to reflect on what I have been giving my body this week. Maybe I was tired for staying out too late, or for eating too many sugary foods. (Or having a few too many drinks!) Sometimes it is because I did a tough workout and am feeling the effects a few days later. Without getting down on myself, I plan in ways to make the next week better so I can try to avoid some of these activities and feel better next week. After that, I go for some very easy yoga stretches – because your body tells you what it needs, and today it needed something easier. It's okay to have a "rest" day as long as you are intentional and still put forward the effort to move your body in some way.
Aya F.
You need to prepare for this,you may record 20 sec video after your workout for the time you don't feel like it,to remind yourself of your goal,keep the hard work,you can do it
Jocieri N.
It’s really hard sometimes especially if you’ve been on an exercise plan before. I was doing very good 4 years ago then life happened. So as I start my journey again I face many “mental “ obstacles. Tired, weather, procrastination, lack of a local support group. So I have begun to use sticky notes around the house for encouragement and reminders. That way I see these everyday and I move them around so I don’t get used to them (like looking in your child’s back pack for announcements, you just get used to them and don’t read them!). You got this!
Chelsea Q.
I don't. When I'm really tired, my body is telling me to rest. And I listen. However, I do take that time to contemplate whether I can make other changes in my life to have more energy for exercise. Am I sleeping and eating right? Managing stress? Taking time to recover?
Jozelynn F.
I really just Invision myself where I want to be. And I always tell myself that everything good for you doesn't come easy not is it easy to maintain. You got to make sacrifices and have self-discipline to really achieve your goal.
Stephane Y.
I tell myself that me exercising would be a good idea in the long run because I will be healthier and I will have less health problems because I chose to exercise.
Gordon E.
I do exercises in rounds of 10s. This way all I have to tell myself is “its just 10 of them, it will be over soon”. Then I move to the next exercise, and I tell that to myself all over again. :))
Selma X.
You don't have to do the full time exercise. Just do as much as you can at the moment, even if that is just a few minutes. Or even one minute. It will still be more than 0 minutes.
And you'll be happier and more satisfied with yourself with doing some exercising, than doing no exercising at all. 🙂
Lok U.
I start small, it does not mean not trying best and getting involved but not to push yourself too harsh. I did plank yesterday for 30 seonds only, but I said to myself, it's okay, good enough. Today, I did plank for 40 seconds, when I holded 30 seconds, I said to myself, "5 more seconds"; when I holded 35 seconds, I said to myself, "5 more seconds", that's how I improved, to expand your limit bit by bit. And more importantly, I persisted! Feel the sense of accomplishment, and be happy about it. Like what Fabulous told us, celebrate with your actions, imprint positive emotions while and after doing this, and even imagine if doing that, what goal you will achieve. I always feel more delighted and motivated when I know I am having healthy habits, if I persist every day, I know I can be more energetic, and get the body I crave for. Remind youself you did contribute effort in it, and you are great! Have a great day, and I have faith in you!!!
Eddie N.
I tell myself the work I put in today will get me that much closer to my goal. The energy I get from my workout will start my day off right