What types of exercise do you do?

Victoria F.
Yoga and stretching! I've started to do very short hiit routines, like ten minutes. I want to take it easy whole i establish it as a routine!
Camryn C.
I really like to do exercises that strengthen the core and legs. I like these especially because I play sports and these types of exercises probably benefit me the most.
Keith R.
I switch my routine between cardio exercises and toning exercises. One day I will do a dance workout say on Dance central game then the next day use either a YouTube video or a workout DVD for toning. Then the next day I give my body a rest. I am currently looking into Hiit training too which is supposed to be an amazing and rewarding exercise routine.
Ray Z.
The core workout in the app followed by, biceps curls with weights, squats, weight lifts (dumbbells) for upper back and shoulders, pushups and weight lifts for triceps
Audrey Z.
I don't really do hardcore exercises, I prefer to do yoga instead, but with that being said I still do some exercise by dancing every night and I do 20 second planks.
Eva I.
When I first wake up I like to do 10 minutes of hula hoop with my music playing. It really gets my heart rate up and is just so much fun. I think it is important to find an exercise that you actually enjoy and look forward to regardless of how intense or effective you think it might be. I find I am always more inspired to do a more thorough work out if i start the day with my hula hoop. It's nice because you don't have to do much to get ready. You can even do it in your pjs!
L Andro U.
I like to dance, hike, and exercise with my dogs through play, running, or walks. The exercise itself changes everyday so that I don't get bored of anything too repetitive. Some days I also do yoga or a standard workout routine.
Kris E.
I do alot of Muay Thai training. It really helps release any aggression built up Ina day or week. It's a great sweat and I feel accomplished everytime my workout is done
Tamara Z.
Since the Covid-19 took over the planet, going out isn’t an option anymore so I’ve been doing a lot of house work and cleaning – meaning that I carry all sorts of things and lift them, I also take the stairs more often (it takes more time but it’s not a bad thing).

If it wasn’t for the pandemic I’d be swimming or hiking or running a bit but nothing out of the ordinary

Oscar Q.
I do exercise at night. I do exercise to get my thigh and belly slimmer by Chloe Ting on youtube and also I started to stretching in the morning by Fabulous, it's super relaxing to stretch my body when I just starting the day. I think my new habit will make myself feel better and gettin my body healthier.
Elsa Y.
I like yoga, you can get some free apps that have routines in them, YouTube is also a good place to start. A lot of the "beginner" routines are not that well done so do what you can and don't be discouraged if you aren't as flexible yet… for the instructors it's easy, sometimes they forget that.
Chantelle J.
Right now I go walking of the afternoons and in the evening If everything works out during the day, I make it out to the gym
Adolfine W.
Today I did a no squat booty workout that focuses on using the core muscles of the body to build muscle. I found this awesome course on dailyOM.com, they have a lot of great exercise courses for 10 minute workouts!
Victoria A.
Currently I take a 30-45 minute brisk walk with my dogs as soon as I wake up. I've also started following it with 10mins of yoga when I have the time.
Alla E.
Walking and would do more if my back was ok as it happens to be at the moment . So I’m walking Alice 3x a day and enjoying it!! Swimming as well. Not been able to do that as pools closed but changes in sight as they are due to open again. Then I can decide if I’m going to join Total Fitness again, and GO!! And will get back to the Old England again soon.
Bertram P.
So that I can stay consistent I just walk every morning and evenings where possible. Nothing high intensity just yet as I tend to fall off the wagon when I feel it may be strenuous. At the moment I’m doing the 10k step challenge with the aim to move up to 15k next month
Daniel N.
I prefer to do excercise that balances my body. This is why I normally do yoga in the morning to start my day! Ive tried to get into running and my cardio/stamina has gotten better but I prefer to hike or bike.
Othmar E.
I do a few different kinds. I walk everyday, and try to jog with my partner every now and then because he helps keep me accountable to that goal. I like to stretch and do yoga, a friend recently convinced me to do a zoom buti yoga class which was HARDCORE! I also like to do simpler body weight exercises for 40 second reps with 20 seconds off for three rounds; you can find vids online but I like 8fit. Hope this helps 🙂 we can do it!!