What are good exercises I can do if I have a sprained knee, or if I’m battling chronic fatigue?

Josie P.
I have trouble throwing the blankets off and actually getting out of bed. So to help me uncrust my eyes and to clear the sleep brain, I do simple yoga stretches. Before I go to sleep, I lay out my yoga mat so on mornings I CAN get myself to flop on the floor, I am already on the mat. If the day is to hard to start, I simply do the stretches in my bed wrapped in my covers. Simple moves include: Childs Pose / Cat-Cow / Cobra / Happy Baby / Bridge / Down Dog. 😊
Suzanne U.
I think some good stretches are a great way to exercise while battling fatigue and injury! Just start a small stretching routine and and slowly add some other more strenuous exercises in as you build endurance and habit.