Do you take a rest day from your exercise routine?

Tonya U.
While your body is getting the energy and strength while exercising. It is not good to do it everyday as your body needs a break so of course you need a rest day.

Signe C.
I haven’t yet, it’s so simple when it is a short 10 min yoga routine. I the days when haven’t done the yoga, I got off the bus to work 2 stops early, which gave me a good 20 min walk. It has been nice getting the exercise done, even when it feels like I don’t want to do it, just making sure all I need is within reach really helps.

Maracuya Q.
Yes, I do. But I feel like this whole year has been a rest day. I would like to be more consistent with my workouts. I feel that I stick to a workout routine better when I exercise everyday. Even when I make the rest days purposeful, like doing yoga or some other soft activity.

Kacey F.
You can but it’s more of a risk you won’t keep up with the routine. I have missed a couple of routines and it hasn’t done any good