How do you manage or program habits that are not daily?

Bruce A.
For habits that are not daily, I try to make them something I want to do but generally don’t have time to. This makes it easier to do because it’s already there in your intention.
Jimmie X.
I was just thinking about that, and i am really struggling sometimes to switch from the regular day routines to this specific day of two a week when you must not do the habits that takes long hours and focus on something else, things like deep work days where I only want to work and I am welling to avoid some daily habits in my routine, I think it would be really great if we get a feature in Fabulous to program these specific days in a calendar like programming for example I design a specific routine for the next Tuesday or even every Tuesday in my case to go shopping for healthy food with my wife and send time with her, do the weekly cleaning of the house. I wonder how other people manage these habits that are not daily ??!! Thank you. Be fabulous
Fanny Y.
I try to hook them onto things that are already habits. For example, exercising before showering every other day. Or going to a workout class before seeing my boyfriend every Saturday.
Alma U.
To manage or program habits that are not daily, I create a new routine for them, tap on "edit alarm" for the routine, and highlight the days of the week when I want it to appear. FYI, the "streak tracker" won't log that routine's completed days in a row; I find that if the routine is every other day, it may show that I missed completing the routine the day before. (For example, for a Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday sequence on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday routine, M is highlighted as completed, T is a gray "missed day," and Weds is "completed.") For routines that only come one day a week, the tracker will just show that day and not any missed ones. It's a bit weird after feeling so accomplished when I see a streak of completed days in my app, but I check it off separately in my journal, so it's no big deal. 🙂
Lisa Y.
Good question. It would be good if it was included in this app. Currently I add weekly habits to my calendar with an alarm set.
Ted Z.
I just start to think, is it benefit for me. If my answer is no then don't need to do it but if my answer is yes then do it now ! And start this activity from a little.
Signe P.
I follow the great successful people around how they have lived and my always goal had been to become some great successful so that I can motivate and track the people who can’t afford or who are not guided In a proper manner so the urge to regulate others and become one of the great leaders helps me to follow certain principles
Alo Sio Q.
I set alarms on my phone with reminders ahead of time. I also add it to my calendar and have it repeat as needed for the rest of the year.
Filippa A.
I would set a reminder until I've made it a habit.
Or maybe write it on a note at stick it somewhere I am often/look often.
This helps me a lot 🙂
Therese F.
A habit is something you always do – because it’s, well, a habit. Forgive the circuitry.

Have a planner, calendar or simply add a reminder in your phone. With Siri, Alexa etc… you don’t even have to type. Just tell the robot “remind me every other Tuesday at 8 am to do the thing I gotta do.”

THEN – when your robot phone, calendar, whatever it is – reminds you to do the thing – DO THE THING. Remember if it’s important to you it’s a “must” not a “maybe”. Like putting on a shirt before you leave the house, showing up to work, or remembering your best friends birthday once a year – it has to be vital or you’ll never see it through to the point that these actions you know you need to take become a habit.

Felinta N.
I follow the default settings for the habits in my journey. For instance, my afternoon breathing habit is Monday to Friday, so that is being tracked. Saturday and Sunday are automatically skipped but I do the habit anyway and some times I manually enter it for that day.
Jac A.
I’m confused by how to do this on here too. So far I’ve just been keeping a separate daily to-do list on my phone and putting “check and accomplish to-do list” on here, but something intgrated would be nice.
Arianna U.
I always do my morning rountine and am in the habit of starting my morning routines as doon as I wake up so for me I get up drink water eat and walk in my condominiums
Diego Z.
I put in my calendar a reminder and an alert before hand to prepare it mentally and physically. So If I need to run I will put in my calendar, put an alarm and an alert for the time I go out of job so that I put it in my plan.