I am struggling to find ways to celebrate, and I know someone’s way of celebration may be a chore to others. How do I find MY way of celebration?

Mariela E.
Imagine what your best day would look like, what would bring you joy if it was happening to you right this second. Then, start small from there. That's where your bliss is

Deborah F.
Well I feel the same way but I give my self a positive response like look you did it or way to go you got through another day keep up with the good work I find it hard too to find ways to celebrate my success

Timmothy Z.
There are many ways!! You can start of by going to other parties and see how the process is and what is happening and another way is to a always have some music in the background ☺️.And even if you have a plan for your party just let it go with the flow ☺️☺️☺️. Good luck