Why is it good to exercise?

Elida O.
Det er bra å trene for kroppen din. For å ha en frisk kropp må man trene den og beskytte den. Som danser er trening viktig for å nå mine mål og se resultater. Trening gjør meg glad, og er bra for den mentale helsa mi.
Cl Ment Z.
Exercise is key for a healthy mind and body.Also the feeling of having exercised feels great since I feel like I did something important today.
Lila E.
You feel yourself better. Less thinking, more understanding world around you. Breathing is deeper. You feel your muscles and get more happy
Th O Q.
it’s good to exercise because it’s healthy for you! it can boost your mood and make you happier with yourself and where you are in life. having a good schedule of exercising each day for even 5 minutes is great! exercising can improve your mood but if it’s boring to you it might decrease it and you won’t look forward to it. if you’re a silly person it might help to watch funny exercising videos that’s fit your humor! it would 100% help! good luck 🙂
Klodyn Z.
Exercise helps people keep a healthy weight and lower their risk of some diseases. Exercising regularly can help prevent weight gain, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Bone-strengthening exercise — like jumping, running, or lifting weights — can help keep bones strong.
Adele P.
exercising is a way to thank your body for everything that it does and a way to show up for it and its strength. It benefits also your mental health and your energy through the day 🙂
Denise U.
Exercise not only keeps you physically fit which makes you feel good, but it teaches you the importance of patience and hard work to achieve your goals, carrying the training and knowledge with you in life can help you succeed and reach your future goals.
Matalyn O.
Exercise does much good. It keeps you in shape and healthy. It’s good to do it in the morning to wake you up and make a great productive start to your day or if you do it sometime before bed it can help you sleep. Adding exercise to your daily routine can make you feel better and feel more productive. It can really put you in an up mood. It will def. make you feel accomplished. Plus if anyone challenges you in a battle in strength you might be ready😂
Claude N.
Exercise builds self respect and cultivates both physical and mental strength/endurance and self love like no other habit or drug can do!🤝
Thuraya F.
Because exercise helps to relax and gives strength and amazing energy as well as controls obesity and I tried that when I was going to the gym. I was back full of activity and vitality and this helped me to practice my life better and sleep more regularly.
Lucy O.
It’s good to exercise because your not only exercising your body, which helps you do a lot more when fit, but it also exercises your mind. Making a good habit of exercising might just lead to other good habits. Such as the importance of water or the way you eat. It’s an all around good thing and a bonus point is *it releases stress* in the most healthy way of doing so!
Mc Kenna O.
Staying physically fit and exercising is not only good for the body, but good for the mind as well. Many studies have shown that consistent exercise can benefit mental health, boosting your self confidence and staying happy a lot longer.
Lucas W.
It makes you live longer,
Good for your health
Hard in the beginning but so important,
Makes you feel like it’s hard but in the future your going to feel like your not tired anymore
Elaine T.
It is good to exercise in order to maintain strength, flexibility and agility. Exercise also burns calories, lessening your chance of developing non communicable diseases, therefore prolonging life. It also causes a release of the feel good hormone endorphin, which leaves you feeling happy while reducing stress.
Sorry V.
It improves the health of your body. Exercise may help bump up the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins, making you feel happy too!
Melissa P.
Because El cuerpo lo necesita, se elimina toxinas, libera estrés y luego de hacer ejercicio el cuerpo se siente mejor, nos sentimos mejor y libres
Janice S.
It makes you fresh and really increases attention span. I feel like my brain processes faster and that's a great feeling.
Daniela P.
I always said that exercise is for how I look but I really changed my mind and my hole mindset
Now for me is also for looking good of course but the most important is for our health and for me is how I feel, it’s make me feel good in my own body, brain and self. For me exercise is self care. I’m sorry if I have grammatical mistakes, English is not my first language, Thanks
Imma N.
Excercizing makes you focus on your physical well being. It builds body awareness. But, you are also taking time for yourself. Which is a form of self-love.
Amanda P.
Exercise helps the body to digest fats and other foods, and in return your body eliminates waste. Exercise also helps me to recognize sustainable and unsustainable future possibilities.
Aranza O.
Because exercise motivates me and wakes my brain up for the day leaving me ready to start with productivity and a little movement. My muscles feel good and It improves my mood.
Diana N.
It is healthy for the body to be in motion. The modern lifestyle requires a lot of sitting in one place, and we don't move a lot. As well, exercising the body is more for exercising the mind. Our mind should be distracted from common things and take time to prepare for a new day without being in fear
Christy S.
Quality of your current life, It offers no guarantee of anything but potential. It can provide you with satisfaction today.
Herculano Z.
Exercise is a fundamental need. Humans are meant to move. It helps with blood circulation, helps clear the head and will give you better sleep
Kevin N.
exercise is good because it gives you an outlet to use the emotions you’ve accumulated over the day or week to push your self and release over something that can help you on many different levels whether that be mentally or physically it all helps to better yourself.
Krista T.
Exercising helps pump blood into your brain. It also helps release tension. It is a good way to make yourself feel happier and/or better. It’s also a good way to lose calories and build strength in your muscles
Bxnny T.
It’s the after feeling that you get, that feels good. When you’re done exercising, you feel so new and you train yourself and get healthier
Miti F.
It helps us to get in a positive mood as it means we achieved something even when our minds didn’t want us to exercise, it makes us fitter by losing weight and it helps us create a routine
Ria C.
My body feel better, I have more energy. I give my body back what it gives me every day. It's healthier and it helps to love me and my body as it is.
Erika Z.
Exercise is amazing for your body in so many ways. It can kickstart your metabolism and give you much needed energy for the day. Even moving just a little bit in the morning can loosen up your muscles and make the rest of your day feel like a breeze. I love to stretch when I first wake up because it makes me feel good and produces a lasting effect of well-being and a sense of accomplishment. I am going to complete my morning workout right now!
Bobbie C.
I think it’s because sometimes you just need to move your body and get stronger, some people just eat chips while watching tv and that’s not healthy but if you workout it will make you healthy
Rosa E.
I have a predisposition to type 2 diabetes. I now have to go on medication to help slow the progression of the disease. The best way to help is lifestyle changes, more exercise is the best bet to helping to slow it down.
Wendoly T.
It is good to exercise because it helps your physical health and when you’re sad or something bad has happened then you distress your emotions or let your emotions by exercising!
Kelly Y.
It's good to exercise because it can help you become more active and in shape,exercising also tends to make you more motivated.
Sue S.
Exercise may feel horrible to begin with, and it is true, it does feel exhausting when you are not used to it.

However, if you stick with it, and find something that you either enjoy or can learn to enjoy, it can make you feel much better for it whenever you do it. It makes you more comfortable with your own body, and it truly is rewarding in those moments when you realise you have once again beaten a personal record.

Also, once you have started exercising, it is much easier to continue doing so, as your body adjusts to the new routine, and often soon you will begin looking forward to the next exercise period. Just bear with it for the first few times – it will get easier!

Exercise is also a good way to relieve emotions, so if you have had a stressful day at work, it is nice to let the frustration out in a way that is healthy for you.

There are of course the benefits of muscle toning and calorie burning, but I think that these are simple added bonuses. I think overall the main treasure is how much better you feel about yourself, and how it allows you to cope better with the stresses and trials of life.

Lia S.
It helps me to kickstart my day and allows me to process all of the things I have in my head. Yes it’s good for my body too, but my mind is what needs the good brain chemicals it produces. It makes me feel good about myself – I’m taking care of my body as an act of self-love and it’s starting to show. It helps me to get my day in order. I notice that the times I don’t go for a walk or dance to my favorite music in the morning, I have a harder time with all of the above and I function less as a result. I feel more motivated and happier, even if I’m having an emo day.
Nathan Z.
Exercise releases serotonin (the hormone that makes you feel happy), it also gives you a place to let your negative feelings go away and to calm your mind. Exercise is also good for you in maintaining a healthy life and keeping fit and staying active. If you exercise, you will also sleep better as you have done something that will wear you out and you will be more tired and have a better nights sleep
Taryn E.
Exercising makes you feel accomplished. Once you start seeing results you are so proud of yourself, you learn to love yourself again and put yourself first. Well that’s what I found anyway.
It gives you so much more energy and a feeling of achievement
Coco A.
Exercise is good for you because it burns calories, making you lose weight, and it activates the happiness hormones in your brain, so you automatically feel good while exercising. Exercising also gives you energy, so that you can keep pushing through your day and do well.
Charlotte T.
It makes you feel better bot only physically but mentally too, it cane make you feel better about yourself and like you have something else to achieve
Jonathan Q.
Releases endorphins and makes you feel good about yourself afterwards! Just one step in front of another and you’re halfway there
Emily D.
If my body is stagnant for too long, so is my brain! If I'm feeling stuck or foggy, sometimes getting my blood flowing can help get my mind flowing too!
Nara Y.
In my case i feel healthy when I do it, even if i hate it it's what puts me in a good shape Wich os one of my goals so yeah
Merigley N.
Well there are many answers to this question- Of course u get Thinner when u exercise and u feel better if ur tired in the morning u can do a quick excercise so it wakes you up thats all bye!
Debra R.
It makes you feel better, you will have more energy throughout the day and can even add years to your life. Its helps physically and mentally your health.
Ignatz Q.
I always feel good and energized after exercising. Even when I am in doubt before leaving for my run, feeeling tired anfäd completely without energy.
Alberte U.
Exercising helps to clear my mind. It allows for me to reset myself but also gives me time to think. I enjoy running. It’s repetitive which means Ican either think about how the rest of my day will look, or I can just think about putting one foot in front of the other. Also, it just feels good. I feel tired afterwards, but it’s the good tired. Not only does it keep you in good physical health, but also good mental health.
Vanessa O.
Its good to exercise because it keeps your body fit and healthy.Not only that but it will make you feel proud after how much you've exercised. If you on a productive journey keep doing exercise! ☺
S L Na I.
working out will get you ready for the day, it gets your heart beating and your blood moving for a better day. You will have more energy and find that you will become fit along the way.
Noga X.
Exercise is good because it helps you to stay fit and in shape. It’s keeping you healthy. It also helps you to be in a good mood and making you happy! In the summer, you can swim, and on the daily, you can do yoga or dance instead of doing something like running, biking or something else you probably don’t like. Even dancing near the TV to some Just Dance songs and dances is good!
Hannah N.
Exercise! Exercise gives people balance. Exercise is a way for someone to feel less stressed or have less anxiety. Exercise keeps me balanced and on task because it gives me energy to keep moving through my day
Ma Lle S.
Exercise for me has not always been a positive thing. I was a child athlete and I absolutely loved it. Then towards my teen years my relationship took a much darker turn, I no longer enjoyed exercising but if I didn’t I felt horrible about myself. This caused a never ending cycle where I could never win, whether I exercised or did not. I had an all or nothing mindset and I was pushing my body in ways that benefited no one.

See I didn’t realize that exercise can be so many different things, not just a two hour workout at the gym. Exercise is that walk you take with your dog, or the morning stretches you do to release your body’s tension. It’s the skateboarding with friends or the dancing you do at a concert or club. Any movement for your body as long as you are mindful within that movement.

I’ve been working years to change my views of exercise and it is hard work. But I can now say proudly that I exercise to serve my body instead of to make my body serve me.

Our body’s work so hard for us, 24 hours, 7 days a week; if we can give them just 10 minutes, 20 minutes, of mindful, present movement it is incredibly beneficial for both the body and the mind. Now when I work out it feels good and afterwards I bask in a sense of contentment and euphoria. I know I’m doing something to take care of my body as thanks for everything it does for me and for 30 minutes my mind gets quiet it’s a win win.

I take rest days if my head isn’t with it and I can’t bring myself to workout but on those days I find myself wanting to still give my body the gift of some kind of movement so I’ll stretch or go for a walk.

Exercise is the most beneficial thing we can do for our bodies and to maintain our minds, the research is there. Just remember that duration isn’t important, it’s being present with your body that makes all the difference.

Much love in your journey and I hope this helps 🙂

Leana O.
Exercise is good for many things, keeping our body healthy, keeping track on its health so when something we can find it sooner and fix it sooner. It also helps to keeping my mind clear and burn away any hurtful things. More people need to do it, even if its 8 mins a day, that can be a big difference from being good or feeling ill
Miguel U.
It helps me feel good and fresh and get energy for the morning. Also I want to lose weight and it's a good way to achieve this goal.
Mel Nia S.
Exercise is good for your cardiovascular system, for healthy of your brain, it reduces stress and increase testosterone. Do it now to prevent cardiac attack or another else disease. Good luck
Anna S.
To evacuate stress and anxiety you may be living during your day. To keep your body in good health, to prepare him for the day. And if you exercise each day a little bit harder, you will have results on the long term
Daniel Q.
The exercises are good and healthy. When you make exercises you release your stress and you relax. They help to your whole body.
Marwan R.
to build the core muscles that are needed to sustain your life. Better excersise =better body=healthier mind=longer life with less diseases
Danielle W.
Your body needs to burn calories to stay healthy. Exercise helps your organs, muscles, and bone mass. It also makes you feel good!
Lucas Z.
It's good to exercise for multiple reasons: you feel better, you stay healthy, it's fun, and (if you go outside) you won't be stuck in the house!
William Z.
I like to exercise because I get the thoughts out of my head.
I love how all your worries and problems aren't important anymore because you just focus on the movement.
I love to see what things my body can do and I like it to try new sports.
I also like the challenge
Zio N.
Personally, when I exercise I feel better about myself. I feel accomplished and like I love my body. Doing something good for it on a daily basis helps me accept it more. It's not easy to exercise daily for me but I sure will try.
Ella Z.
It has lots of benefits; for example, it boosts your energy, yo have more confidence after, you keep healthy and it can be fun sometimes:)
Lauren C.
Well, If you're fat exercising is the best choice, The more exercise, the more fat you lose. Even if you aren't fat, it can be helpful and its healthy for you. It can help you live a better life.
Nina U.
Exercising helps me to stretch my muscles instead of being inactive. It's good to stay active and exercise because it helps your bones and joints stay strong and healthy.
Chelsey T.
Exercise works out all the kinks in your body resulting from the stiffness of inactivity. Exercise improves your cognitive function for hours after you perform it, and you don't even have to Exercise for very long to get the benefits. Moving around lubricates your joints keeping them healthy and supple
Victoria N.
It makes you Do you feel better about yourself and your mood overall I believe if you do it consistently you will feel better and become more confident
Roberto B.
Exercise is so good for your mental health. Healthy body, healthy mind. When you don’t feel like exercising, do just a little bit squats or yoga, and you will see the difference. It clears out your mind and helps you concentrate on your body and how it feels rather than on your thoughts.
Mimi X.
It's good to exercise for your health if anything first, health! it's good to get moving once and a while for health, and if you aren't as happy with your body shape you could change it if you work hard enough! Tell yourself you can do it no matter what. You will get there, that dream body, dream shape , dream health anything!!
Nico N.
you will get so much more energetic and it will really make you feel better. even if its just stretching its still amazing. Do something you like ex. dancing,singing, …
Enola V.
It keeps your body healthy, increases the happiness hormones etc. , and like a latin proverb says:
"Healthy mind in healthy body"
Cyan N.
I get more energy and also sleep better. It helps me to feel happy and do my best. I feel good after and really feel like I’ve accomplished something! Exercising now is also going to help me in the future. To stay happy and healthy. To reach the life I want to live when I grow up exercising is a big part of it. It’s a part of the way to build up who I want to be and how I want to live.
Morgan A.
well, its good to exercise for many reasons. some people exercise to get fit and strong. and some people like to work out to lose calories you know lose weight. its also good to exercise to get your heart rate up like doing jumping jacks.
Beatrix F.
It's benificial for your overall mental and physical health; it can help with a variety of issues, and can improve your quality of life by a wide margin.
Silvana X.
Exercising is good for getting energy into your day, lose weight, or even if you don't need to lose weight it is still good to exercise. If you don't exercise daily you could have trouble sleeping, you may not have so much energy in your day, or you could gain weight. If you are a beginner start slow with exercising.
Willie E.
It helps you in many ways. As one who experiences these benefits, it boost my mood. It also prepares my body for more rigorous activities throughout my day.
Lis V.
There's lots of articles online explaining the physical health benefits of exercising (increase metabolism, lower chances of developing chronic health issues like diabetes, etc) so I'll give a different answer.

Exercise is good for me because it forces me to take time to do something that's purely for myself, my own health and my own benefit. This reminds me that my body is worth the effort and time, which I sometimes forget.

Ellie T.
Exercising teaches u to never give up. Exercising also benefits ur body in so many ways and gives urself a great accomplishment. Keep pushing. NO PAIN, NO GAIN.
London Z.
It is good to exercise because it helps with your health a lot. and not only can you get cavities from too much sugar, but from eating any kinds of sweets every day can develop diabetes
Sophie N.
It keeps your body fit. Pumps up your heart rate and gives off adrenaline. Can also help you live longer and fight off sickness. Can make you become stronger and more resilient.
Erani Z.
Because it shows that your body us capable of more than you thought. It builds confidence and trust in yourself. It also releases happy hormones and rids you of negativety.
Ola P.
If you find an activity that perfectly suit you, there will be much more hapiness and satisfaction by doing these excercises. Search for something you LOVE and trust in process. My favorite activity is contemporary dance. What will YOU find? 🙂
Gundel U.
It is good to exercise because you are being active so you are burning off calories and you are also gaining muscle in the process and you’ll look great
Thyanne Y.
Exercise helps me to think more clearer, be happier, and more confident. It will also help me stay young and fit. I will also be more healthy and I would live up to the name of my expertise.
Charlotte R.
Exercise improves your mental and physical health as it makes your body stronger and more flexible and it releases serotonin which is the happy hormone making feel good!
Moon N.
when you are focusing on moving your body it can take your mind of things making you feel more relaxed or productive afterwards. also helps to make you less stressed, be more fit and healthy, drink more water afterwards . 'the gym hit diff when your life is falling apart.'
Marlee J.
i think it is good to exercise because if you are a busy person like me it is one way to relieve stress. it relaxes your mind and body and you feel a sense of accomplishment once you are done. and if you do it for even just 10 minutes everyday it gives you a jumpstart to your day and makes you more excited and energized for the day
Flora O.
It will improve your physical health as well as mental. It will keep you more energize during the day. It's also a great way to deal with stress.
C Lestin Y.
Its good to exercise because you need to move your body to pump blood. Its also good because exercise is a healthy habit that will help you become a better person. Most people also enjoy exercising because it gets them energized for the day.
Laura I.
It’s good because it’s in our nature to move and exercise. Personally I fell a lot more energized and peaceful after I a light exercise session.
Ma Lys N.
to makes u feel good and like u accomplished something in your day. it gives you energy to do other things in your day. it makes u not only feel good on the inside it makes u feel good on the outside too eventually when u keep at it
Matteo O.
Exercise is helps get you in better shape, first of all. You’ll be healthier and stronger in general. It also releases endorphins that are likely to make you happier and more productive, it’ll get you outside, and you’ll sleep better because you’ll be more tired at night.
Leon G.
Exercise helps to keep the body fit and healthy and ready for unexpected changes, while reducing the risks of non communicable diseases.
Ivy U.
The reason why exercise is good is because when ever you exercise your body gets healthy and fitter and when your body is not sitting around your body grows.!
L Rke F.
Exercising is good because it’s healthy for your liver and it makes you burn calories which is way better than that fuel turning into fat
Angely C.
Because once you start and once you finish with it you feel just amazing and it really helps you with how to disapline yourself.
Aur Lien G.
It's good because it makes your body more healthy, it makes you look and feel good about yourself and it just overall makes you a better person.
Jonna Y.
Det hjälper din kropp att må bättre och man känner att man har mer energi efter att man tränat och känner sig gladare och starkare.
Caroline Y.
It is good to exercise because it makes you feel awake in the morning. It can also improve your health and mindset. You’ll accomplish to accept yourself and you’ll start seeing value in yourself. You’ll feel more better about yourself and if you have self image then you’ll start loving yourself even more as well.
Fabrizio M.
It gives you energy for the day. Makes you feel good. Like you have already done something important at the start of the day. You feel more realised and confident.
Janina Z.
Exercise makes you feel good. It makes you feel confident and healthier and creates a better mindset for the day ahead. It also helps you to believe that you can do anything if you try.
Jiri T.
It releases dopamine in your brain after you finish. It’s really good for you to do. My favorite exercise to do is dance to a playlist!
Benjamin Z.
For me as a person that's pretty close to having an eating disorder it helps a lot I'm not big I'm actually really skinny but still not satisfied with my body so it helps to motivate me
Tanya P.
Exercise gives a boost of endorphins which are the happy hormones. It helps you relieve stress, makes your body and mind fit for daily challenges
Jasmine W.
It’s good to exercise to get your body and muscles warmed in the morning, to strengthen your mind because you have to think to exercise, and for longevity.
Jose F.
Exercise is a positve way to relieve stress and promotes healthy changes both chemically and physically. If you focus on doing exercise rather than what you will look like after you exercise it also has postive effects. Keep that in mind
Amelia P.
It is good to exercise because it is good for your physical health but also for mental health! Physical health so you can become stronger physically! But you can have a stronger mindset too and mentally! You can improve both things at once but you have to push yourself to do so and become a better you!
Alfred C.
It’s good to exercise because it gives you something to talk about (might be difficult). Exercising makes you organize your exercise clothes so you can see what you have that you actually wear. Organizing your exercise clothes makes me organize all my clothes. Knowing where you exercise can give you a plan to get there or meet there. Exercising gives you a chance to listen/watch anything you want.
Natasha O.
Exercising is great way to uplift your spirits if you're feeling down. It helps you feel good about yourself because you feel like you've accomplished something when you're finished. It's excellent for the mind and the body.
Hilda C.
it’s great to exercise as it gives you a state of relaxation and at the same time works your body up into becoming more healthy
Lari A.
To feel alive. When we move, we are a whole system of love, stardust and light flowing with the way our bodies dance. This is being alive.
Carmen O.
Its good to excercise to keeo your body movong and to release some energy and adreniline. It keeps us fit and healthy, hence feeling healthier.
Ajith E.
Excercise is first off the best solution to stay healthy and stronger…… Also it helps to pass the time without wasting it….
Meka N.
Revitalizes the body, at least in my opinion. Also, helps with blood flow, flexibility, mental clarity, and emotional wellness. ♥️
Emma W.
It helps with managing your weight, it can help reduce risk of some diseases and it keeps you healthy. exercising also gives you a sense of accomplishment, pride and productivity, i creasing your mental health. :3
Nora O.
When you exercise your body produces endorphines which gives you energy and makes you happy. Exercising also helps to keep you healthy and live longer
Lisa C.
Because it is good for your body apart of physical self care/maintenance. When you look good you feel good and exercise helps you do both. It boosts happy chemicals in brain giving you a high energising you making you feel better. Can motivate you to eat healthier I find
Renee Z.
Yeah its better . i stoped exercise 2.5 years back now with the help of fabulous i can start again. thank you to helping me
Lea X.
Because you feel better about yourself, it gives you lots of positive enzymes into your body and also you can get in shape and be even more proud of yourself (≧▽≦)