What is your favorite stretch?

Magnus N.
Depends on what I’m looking for. Most relaxing one, probably either butterfly or the standard standing forward bend. One that feels the best, maybe pigeon. Least comfortable for me, probably my straddle.
Ryan J.
The splits! I'm trying to accomplish that again from my youth days as a goalie. I'm already making great progress with this app.
Leslie O.
Particularly my arms and legs
They get the most activity so if I manage morning yoga and deep stretching at night the spine is in good condition.
Felicia A.
Hello, dear Fabulous friend 🍀 my favorite one is a "Puppy dog" pose from yoga. It's a great stretch for neck and upper back ☕
Jayden Y.
I like stretching one or two areas specifically every day. For example, shoulders and hips on one day, and the next day, back and legs. Or legs and feet. Etc. I vary as much as I can every day. And one day per week I do a 30 minutes full body stretching session. I usually spend between 20 and 35 minutes per day stretching. But when I'm feeling low, or I don't have time, I will only do a couple basic neck and leg stretches for 5 minutes and call it a day. What's important is that you do it. Even if you do only 30 seconds, it's better than 0. And if you're not flexible at first, it's normal. It will come. Don't hurt yourself but push to feel the stretch in your limbs. Drink plenty of water to avoid any sore feeling the next morning or during the day.
Mille G.
I prefer doing yoga, since I feel more focused on the breathing, that calms me, compared to the other exercises where I'm more focused on the technique.
Owen E.
My favorite stretch is the straddle because it is simple and easy yet gives results. I feel stretched out after I do it.
Josefine C.
My favorite stretch is childs pose. It really helps if my legs are tight and helps me recenter and relax. It is a good pose to return too in yoga if you are struggling with downward facing dog.