How can I get a good night’s sleep?

Nur S.
I have hard time to sleep actually so i kinda can relate with this situation. For now, i tried to losten asmr music so it can calm me down much better. Mostly, im using music to help me in sleeping. I thought i wanna give a try using scented candle or some plants after this..
Andr A Z.
Start to relax about an hour before going to bed and create a routine and go to bed at a reasonable time and wake up at a resonable time as well
Emil W.
I have a few simple rules I try to follow: 1. No digital devices prior to sleeping 2. Fresh, cool air in my bedroom 3. Writing down 3 things I'm thankful for 4. Meditating/ breathing exercises 5. Reading
Erica N.
First, you do your routine before going to bed, such as brushing your teeth, then stretch to relax your muscles, then pray and close your eyes.
Sunny F.
To put it simply, you NEED to be tired.
How do we become tired?
– release physical energy – through work, exercise etc
-release mental energy –
By using your brain 🧠
April N.
For a long time, I suffered from insomnia. What changed?
I changed my habits throughout the day and especially before sleep. Creating some kind of ritual before bed can be helpful, you should also make sure your sleep enviroment is quiet and dark.
Throughout the day,
I'd exercise a lot and try to stay awake, haha.
Hope this helps!
More C6 N.
Turn off electronics half an hour before bed.

Listen to white/pink/brown nois

Read a book.

Sleep at a comfortable temperature.