How do you commit to exercise?

Alberte W.
well i wake up earlier than normal to have time and then i drink water first thing and then i get into a set of sports clothes and begin to excercise and after that i rinse off and eat a healthy breakfast like today i had avocado on toast.
도 하나 N.
I just push myself to do it. When I don't wanna get out of bed, I think, "Come on. You chose this. No one is making you follow through, don't act like it's corporal punishment. You chose this to be a better person for your future, the least you could do is try to follow through." And I feel bad if I don't do it. It helps me stay consistent.
Monserrat Z.
When I think of exercise I think of pain and sweat. I commit to exercise by telling myself that exercise does not have to make you sweat. Things like yoga are a great calming exercise.
Cindy T.
I usually try to remember why I’ve started in the first place and remember that I’ve committed myself to be the best version of myself.
Jeanne T.
Knowing that it has never ever felt bad once I’m done with it, the feeling of accomplishment is magical. Getting to the mat, is the hard part
Ma Ra A.
Find something you like to do everyday. I love the water, but don't have a swimming pool. So I bought an Intex blow up pool its 16ft round and 42 inches deep. I love it. I walk and do some exercise movements that I found on YouTube. I dont think it really matters what size pool as long as your moving. I also got a fitbit watch that helps a lot. It tells me when to move and how to stay on track with steps. My husband on the other hand has a heart condition. His exercise is when he's watching TV and a commercial comes on he walk circles around our living room to get his steps in. So whatever your level of fitness is there is always something for someone. I hope this help and good luck😊
Lindsey P.
I tell myself that the more I exercise, the happier I’ll be for the rest of the day. I’ll also be proud of myself for being more active to change my body for the better.
Amy E.
If I feel sort of like excersizing then I have to do it right that minute. Because 90% of the time I dont feel like working out. I also commit to 5 minutes of work out a day. As there is no excuse to miss 5 minutes. And usually 5 minutes leads to more activity