What’s the best 2 minute exercise? I walk to and from the train for work. Should I include that as my exercise?

Kangaroo N.
If you feel you should be doing more for your body, then add some stretching exercises or simple yoga flows. I'm sure you already intuitively know what's best for you.
Olive N.
To be honest I don’t know because I used to count walking to school as my exercise but then I realised that I had to walk to school anyway, so it wasn’t really a challenge or a new habit in the morning I need to remind myself to do. So let me know if you have also found a day ideas because I’ve started doing a mini workout at the beginning of the morning but I’m scared I’m going to lose that motivation.
Albert A.
If you feel all you can muster up some mornings is the walk, that’s ok, but try adding something else in like stretches or basic yoga! I love starting my mornings with that cause I feel more limber and ready for the day 🙂
Eg Dio C.
I think a two minute walk is a great exercise but if you can fit something else in that is great I think the best two minute exercise is jumping jacks because it includes everything