If you already have a consistent exercise schedule that takes place outside the morning routine time, do you still incorporate a short stretching or exercise habit into the morning routine anyway, in order to “get going?”

Ava V.
Yes i do. Since I sit down most of the time when I work, I make sure to take a 10 min break every two hours to stretch, breathe drink water and relax. This reenergizes a lot and keep me going. Hope this helps 🙂
Soraia Q.
I would say yes, maybe Instead of doing an afternoon workout routine you could do yoga, stretching, and end with a little cardio. Then go on with your day and still do your usual workout routine.
Hinrich R.
I usually strech out before i go to bed but Im not sure if i should do it in the morning instead, Im just afraid that if i dont do it at Night i wont be able to sleep bc i feel like i need to do it
Freja U.
I do not. But I think I should. Otherwise my morning exercise task doesn’t get checked of in the morning, or at all, if I’m only counting on that one exercise to do it.