What is you exercise routine?

Manon C.
You could get out of bed and go for a sprint around your block, get home and do a few push ups, easy core exercises, or get a cheap pull up bar at home to use.
Alexander P.
I run three times a week and cycle twice – all in the mornings Sun-Thurs. Ocassionally I will mix it up and go for a swim.
Dolores F.
I do 40 push-ups in the morning before I leave the house. After work, I head straight to the gym to train HIIT/tabatha/weight training/strength training/resistance training.
Rubi Q.
I skip the rope
Do some pushups
Pistol push with some weight
Mountain climb on the floor
And raise my head to my shoulders and my legs stretched up for my stomach
In S F.
I go to the gym 3 times a week. Twice with my wife and once by myself. Daily I walk as much as I can. If I park at a store I take the furthest spot from the door.
Gabriel U.
I use the app “Lose Belly Fat”. I make sure to do the “Sleepy Time Routine” every night and try to do it in the morning as well.

It is easy stretches that help me relax. My step goal is only 4K a day which my goal is to beat that as well.

I mow the yard when needed. My family takes a daily walk after dinner as well.

Oliver B.
Mostly I do 1 minute training from Fabulous app, or do other interesting routine from this app. Madbarz program is also perfect, sometimes I used it, very good training.
Lo S Z.
Right now I focuse on my stretches first to avoid injury. Then I do Squats, lunges, wall push ups and do yoga and depending whenever I can a go swim at the beach. I live in Puerto Rico and I am near water so its all good. Imma begginer in it though.✌️😁🧜‍♀️
Erik C.
If I have time, I do a 10 minute yoga routine from YouTube. If I have to rush, I do the one minute workout from the Fabulous options. Either way, I always do one.
Anton W.
I change it up to avoid boredom. If I’m feeling particularly stiff, I’ll do stretches and yoga. Sometimes lift some weights or add them to squats. Sometimes I jog for 8 minutes. Even a little helps!
Kimberly P.
At morning I do fabulous recommend exercise then go for running for 20 min and finally I go to the gym in the afternoon five days of week
Mathys Y.
Personally, I like doing yoga and dancing. The key to exercise is to find something that you like. There are many workouts that don’t require having a mat or equipment. For yoga, if you don’t have a mat you can use a towel or there are also standing up practices. For motivation, think about the results you’ll get. The feeling you’ll get when you finish that workout. It’s all about will power. I know, the first few days are hard but I promise it gets better and it starts being part of your daily routine. Find something that you like doing, maybe start by going for a walk, or jogging. Maybe try learning a dance routine (on YouTube), try yoga (I would highly suggest Yoga with Adriene on YouTube). Just keep trying new things. Even if they are simple or short, be proud of yourself, because you accomplished that and took a step further. A small step is still a step. Everyday it will get better even if some days are hard or you don’t want to workout, you have to find that will power. But also let yourself rest when you need to. That way your next workout you can go all out and you are not exhausted. Hope this could help! Wish you luck! You can do it! I believe in you!
Matthew P.
Ideally? Go to the gym 3 x a week (run 20 mins, strength train 30 mins) and walk at least a mile and a half every day. Currently? Gym once a week, walk 4 times a week.
Scarlett P.
My experience shows that your program was what I needed to start being productive at the morning, because I knew I'm doing something wrong but I didn't know what it was, so now I feel great, after I drink my water and eat the so-needed breakfast.
Alex O.
I really don't have an exercise routine, my schedule is crazy some weeks so I adjust it. I have a long commute to college, so I use it to walk more and use the stairs ALWAYS. Now a days it's not easy an always possible to keep every week teh same, so I use what I have at hand. Like walking o taking the stairs. It may sound silly, but for now it's all I can achieve. Maybe in the future I will be able to have a better routine!
Mathilde Y.
I’m trying to swim every Monday Wednesday and whenever else I want to, aerial silks on Wednesday’s, go to the gym with my boyfriend to weightlift Tuesday Thursday, and otherwise just be as active as I can and take every opportunity to move my body.
Lily O.
Writing, observe my 🌱 plants and flower slowly, focus on people that are similar to me (freelance that every day make better decision for themselves).
Irineu C.
I use an app called sweat. At the moment I am in week 2 of the BBG beginner. It sets out a timetable for me which I try and follow. 3 lots of cardio, one arms and and, one legs and one full body, along with a challenge a week. I also take my dogs for a 15 min walk each afternoon
Filippa Z.
I usually run on the elliptical machine at my local gym. Today I did a 20 minute high intensity interval training and it was really tough! I might have to ease in to those harder workouts.
Lic Lia S.
My am exercise routine is to come into room where my Amazon Alexa is and request I Heart Radio to play music from station I know plays lots of upbeat songs and I do a series of squats 1st (or, sometimes, only) and then move some after the 1st song, concentrating on torso twists and reaching after the squats (I ask device to ‘skip’ any songs lacking in a good exercise tempo).
Ewa F.
My exercise routine happens right after breakfast and it’s usually a walk to the coffee shop or a quick at home YouTube video. I’m still trying to get back into fitness so small steps at this point is really the key here for me.