Do you keep eyes on the timer during exercise?

Henry S.
I try not to and go with the flow. using prerecorded exercise routines helps me there, because I know when it will end and that I have already set that time. its not always that easy and sometimes I'm grumbling my way to the finish line wat hung the clock, but that's never enjoyable.
Elena P.
I do not keep my eyes on the timer. I much prefer exercising on my own terms because the clock it too antagonizing and straining.
Pavel E.
I usually keep my eyes on the timer while exercising but, I try not to. Watching the timer can make the time go by way slower than it actually is. Not focusing on the timer can make the workout go by faster. It can also make the workout more enjoyable if your not keeping an eye on the timer and just waiting for it to end.😁
Miss W.
I've learned not to because the more I look at the time, the more it seems to drag. I decided not to ever watch the timer, and to focus more on the movement that I'm doing. The times fly by when I don't think about it.
Bertolino Z.
It depends. When I'm feeling more tired I usually tend to look on the timer, but I noticed this makes the exercise take more time on my mind
Savannah U.
No, I do not time my exercises. The key to benefiting from exercise is to enjoy the movement. If you do not enjoy the way you workout, you won’t stick with it. I found that I enjoy taking dance classes. It’s a great way for me to sneak in a good workout while having a great time!
Geralda P.
Yes, but only for exercises I find the most challenging like plank. It’s easier to keep going if I know how much time I have left.
Alix W.
Typically yes. Anytime my goal is to exercise I watch the timer. Whether that's watching the progress bar on an exercise video or a timer I set for myself, I'm watching it like a hawk or counting down the time in my head.

If I'm walking or hiking, the goal isn't to exercise, it's to get out, destress, explore a new area, or connect with nature. Those times I don't start a timer because it doesn't matter how much exercise it is. The goal there is to release and let go, any exercise that happens is a happy happenstance.

J N.
Well it depends. If I'm running, I just run. But if I am just doing a circuit I'll keep an eye on the buy wont stare it down. Hope this helps!
Am Rico E.
On harsher ones like planks and cardio no because it makes the time feel like its streaching, on crunches or squats yes because those muscle groups are strong and I will over do it if I dont focus on time.
Shawn F.
Typically no… I find better sustained effort and “flow” state of mind if I go tell the sound a verbal cue to change movement or rest. This is especially true if I am feeling tired and experiencing negative self talk… looking at the clock makes the time feel slower. I want to focus instead on my movement quality and breathing.

However, looking at the clock for a reference point of not wanting to push too hard at the beginning can be helpful. For instance if you are doing a 20 min exercise rotating between 3 different movements, looking at the clock say at the half way mark can provide some feed back on how the last 10min are going to go. how do you feel? Can you push more, are you dragging and need to slow the pace a little or are you feeling like you can sustain the current pace for the last 10min? These are the type of thoughts i want to evaluate when looking at the clock!

Heather T.
Sometimes I will use the timer to keep track of intervals or stretches. Other times inlet my body decide when to switch activities.
Jim F.
I try not to, however it all depends on my energy level and workout. When possible I use a timer app that lets me set intervals for my workouts to allow me to focus on my moves and not the clock
Malu A.
I do not, but that is partly the nature of my exercise. I figured out a length of walk that works for the time I’m aiming for, so now I know that if I go at least that far away from my apartment, I have the exercise covered. I think this would work with biking as well
Lucas B.
Definitely not. The less I pay attention to the time, the more focused on the exercise I can be. I find it best to try and forget about the timer altogether. Then it passes before you know it.
Olivia N.
I don’t keep my eyes on the timer otherwise I feel like I’m just desperately waiting for it to be over. I take my time to do my small exercise and whether that’s a couple squats that only takes a couple minutes or a 10 min walk that still counts as a win