How do you make the exercise feel good, and not feel like a chore? Even if it’s just for 5 minutes in the morning.

Ejaz H.
Firstly I'm imagining that if I complete this process then how good I'll look more attractive more present and so on, in that way I motivate myself to do
Eva X.
I don’t see it as a chore because it’s me time I’m doing it for myself because I enjoy exercising. It helps me mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Lastly, while I’m working out, dancing, doing yoga or stretching, I always keep my goals and values on mind. Exercising is always something I’ve looked forward to. I love it!
Mackenzie Q.
For me personally, I just do something that I love. Dancing has always been a big part of my life so I just turn on my favorite music and just dance for 5 minutes. You really just have to explore through trial and error until you find what you like.
Vedvrat F.
Start with a simple exercise regime so that you get into the habit of doing it no matter now busy you are. Slowly add more reps. E.g. if you start with a target of 50 pushup you may get overwhelmed, start with 15 and then keep increasing till you can do 50 in one go. Similarly add other exercises to your plan.
Khushi C.
I can't give u a specific answer but I think it's not a chore but only for just 5 min do some cobra poses or downward dogs or deep squat every for 30 seconds
Karin F.
I tried doing a real workout in the morning, but I'm just not motivated enough and it was hard to fit in to my already tight morning schedule. So now, I started doing the 1 min just get moving from the app… it felt a bit meaningless att first, but apparently one minute was enough for me to feel energized, and not being stressed out about fitting in another "chore" in the morning. I believe that in the future, when I got the rutine in place, I will be able to to longer morning workouts. Maybe starting at five minutes instead of one? It's better to move for just one minute than to not do it at all!