Do you find it’s better to exercise in the morning to wake you up or after you’ve woken up?

Mathis Y.
I know you are not supposed to answer a question with a question but… How am I suppose to exercise if I'm still asleep sorry
Michelle Z.
It really depends, but generally, it helps me wake up and feel fitter and more awake. It also makes me feel good in terms of having done something for me and my health.
Abdulqadir Q.
I think to wake up because your body needs lots of energy and it touches your energy sources and it will use it for the whole day.
Robyn N.
It depends on what your body feels is best. Try different times if the day to see what feels best for you! Personally I feel sick if I workout too early in the morning before eating..but I can’t eat right before or else that will make me feel blah too. So I do some house chores, have my breakfast than do a little bit of work while digesting THAN do a 15-60 minute workout as a way to break up my work. the length depends on how ready my body feels that day for a harder or lighter workout. That’s the in the afternoon & worked best for me, I tried evenings but found they ramped me up too much before bed & I didn’t sleep as well. Every body is different so just experiment until you find what works best for you!💕