I can do almost everything in the morning routine, but I struggle mightily getting myself into the shower. Does anyone have tips?

Boh A.
Hi, I would suggest you to buy (if you have the possibility) products you would like to use. For example, I’m using a new hair conditioner, I love its smell, so I always want to take a shower to use it! You could try buying some skin care products or just think about the fact that in the morning a shower can be relaxing and calming. Also, try to put some relaxing music or something to make the room more comfortable so that you will like spending time in the bathroom.
I really hope I’ve helped you, sorry for my bad English,
Hugs from Italy!!
Barfin Y.
Showering in the morning is like giving your body best gift, you feel great and you get a lot of energy during the whole day.
Emory F.
Think about why you're showering in the morning if it is so hard to do. Maybe try showering the night before or right after you exercise if you can. If you have to shower in the morning, make it fun! Play some music, make the water warm, maybe try a bath? I don't shower in the morning, so I don't really know what else would help. All the best to you!
Catrina F.
I have difficulties with that too. I usually think how much time it will take and then tell myself do it now or stink! Haha unhooked this helps
Alexis Y.
reflect and think about why you prefer morning showers, think about how they help you feel more awake and energize you for the day, you might struggle these days with the onset of fall and colder weather, maybe try taking night showers instead?
Ribca P.
Music! It makes all better. Try to put some of your favorites songs. They will help you to feel more happy and with energy to take a shower. Also buy some shower gel of your favorite smell.
Tyler U.
Get up earlier and set many reminders and alarms to get you up and moving, also make sure to do it first thing in the morning
Patrick E.
I bought myself something called a shower mousse (like soap but it’s foam) and I use it in the shower in the morning every time (only in morning showers, not evening). It’s become a bit of a ritual for me and I love using the thing, so now that mousse symbolises having my life together a little and it helps me get into the shower in the morning. So maybe buy a special item and only use it when showering in the morning, gives you something to look forward to 🙂
Alban E.
Same here. I really have to wash my hair but can't get myself to do it. So I don't have tips right now but I am in this struggle with you
Steph N.
Make shower time ‘fun’ bring a speaker in there and listen to music, dance. Dont think of it as another thing you have to tic off the list. Its going to make you feel better. Its going to make you feel clean.