How do you stop yourself from stopping?

Jo N.
Whew, good question. To be honest, I think it’s impossible and unrealisable to not ‘stop’ every now and then, especially if it’s only for a day or so. I guess for me it’s more ‘Don’t be afraid to start again.’

Armando G.
I always remember if i waste my time for nothing, then i will get nothing. So, if i want my life to be more better. I have to work hard.

Ethan Q.
Remember your reasons why you're doing it in the first place. Make it a habit, do it at the same time everyday. Or do it at a cue consistently. Make it is rewarding, make sure to derive small joys from small achievements. See how it contributes to your growth or improvement. Make progress visible, track it. Celebrate small wins.

Hans W.
First of all i choose what I want. Then I contemplate is it good for me and achieving that wont harm others unnecessarily. When i am sure of this condition I decide it as my goal, no matter its big or small. Then I keep on visualising I am achieving it and I go on with the flow. If i get diverted I start again . I just don’t stop until I achieve it.