How do you keep up with exercise? I feel like I never have time.

Selena G.
You start off small take five minutes to exercise when you can then try and do ten minutes and so on, but even 5 minutes a day is good and better than nothing

Victor E.
It is always hard to begin, because one has to fight to through getting out of bed and then just starting. Once you start it quickly picks you up. Midway through, fatigue makes want to give up. It’s a mental struggle that one only wins by strong will. After it ends, one feels so nice and motivated for more .

Beana N.
Honestly, same. I find it hard to exercise when I could do something else. I have completed my exercise routine for a few days and it's amazing. You feel so fresh and healthy and once you hang on to that feeling for a few minutes, you or brain remembers how great it felt. So every time I don't want to exercise, I remember how amazing I felt and it makes me want to do it. Best Wishes:)

Sam N.
i have never been able to be consistent in my life with exercise but now that i found what i like its easy doing it. i hike, with my dog in the morning because if i dont do it in the morning i wont do it at all. i put a podcast on and i find trails in my area!

Izzy J.
i find it hard to exercise within my time as well, but i’ve figured i’m able to keep up exercising easier at either very early in the morning or later at night. This lets me do what i need to do throughout the day whilst keeping a slot where i often wouldn’t be doing as much. But sometimes when i don’t do that i might just find a slot time to do any exercise, even if it’s not for as long as i would like exercise is better than none at all 🙂

Xander T.
Well if I don’t have the time in the morning I try to do it in the night or afternoon and I don’t need to do a big workout I can just do a little

Astrid A.
It's difficult. I pretty much have to steal time for exercise. I ask my spouse to watch our baby for 20 minutes, so I can get in some yoga. Or, I take the baby on a walk with me. If these aren't options, I do my best while the baby is in my care, but I may not be able to accomplish much. However, five minutes is better than nothing at all. Maybe, I can get in another five minutes later in the day as well. When the baby starts sleeping better through the night, I hope to carve out time in the morning to get back to a more intense exercise regimen.

Kayla Y.
I do my exercises in the morning at 6am, and I do them for 15mis sometimes 20mins every day. All you need is organising and everything you be good.

Jamie Z.
I have made it a habit but it's taking me a long time to find things I really liked to do. I started out going to a Zumba studio that had cardio classes. I tried out the cardio classes and I liked them better than Zumba. I went regularly for several months and became used to working out at least twice a week.

Evelynn F.
I always make sure to do it right after breakfast and before finishing my morning routine, like before brushing my teeth. I keep it short and simple so it doesn’t feel like a big obstacle or take too much time. My exercise is doing a series of stretches so my body is refreshed and ready for the day!

Michelle F.
I find schedule it into my day even for 5 minutes is good enough to keep you going.
Try not to overthink it as well as it will make you feel worse if ya miss a day.
Taking time for yourself is important even if you wake up earlier than you nor do to fit in a 5 minute workout it all counts

Stella G.
Even I don't exercise every day as I whould want to. I often find pointless excuses to not work out and I also get stuck on my phone very easily. You just have to keep in mind that if you want to be healthy and achieve your ideal body you have to stop making up excuses and and when you find yourself stuck on your phone think that in that way you are not making any progress.

Emily J.
i just turn exercising into one of those things that you do immediately every time you wake up. it’s like how every morning right when you wake up, you have a few things that you just always do, because they’ve become a habit. this could be drinking water, eating breakfast, going to the bathroom. these become something you make time for in the morning because they’re necessary, exercising can be one of these things. you can find a bunch of quick 15 minute home workouts on pinterest, which is what i did, and every morning right when i wake up, i put on some exercise shorts and hype music and do these workouts. it’s become something that i look forward to, because it gets me energized for my day. i can’t workout in the afternoon or at night because if i try to, when the time comes to actually do it, i always find a way to justify and find reasons why i should just skip the workout. but its convenient to do in the morning because if i hear my alarm and i think i should just stay in bed longer because i’m too tired to get up, i tell myself that if i get up and exercise, i won’t feel as tired and i’ll feel better about my day. if you can squeeze 15 minutes of exercise into your morning routine and you try to do it each morning, it’ll become a habit. hope this helps! 🙂

Adarsh P.
Just pre-plan your tomorrow on today…time management is one of the key to success…I never miss my exercise…just focus on one task at a time…just install home workout app and start your exercise routine 👍🏻

M Ni X.
When i have no time, i try to devide the exercise. Instead of ten minutes, i do two minutes or three in the morning and before sleeping.

Maria N.
Never say you have no time, YES you have a lot of time. The day is 24 hours which is a lot! Start by giving yourself a 15 mins workout in the morning and see how you’ll feel ! Trust me the post workout feeling is amazing! Go go go

Alfred T.
i prepare before hand, i make a to do list for it, i think about the result of it, and i tell other people i am going to do it that way i will not back down

Liza I.
I try to have a varied routine of activities like a short walk, bike ride, run, going to the gym and plan my meals, so I have enough time in the evening to do an activity after work

Sarai N.
Usually I exercise in PE class but if you do not have that, I try to stretch and do minimal exercises in the morning and about 10-15 minutes before I go to sleep.

Darren E.
I make time in my day. When I am usually on my phone not doing something productive I workout. It doesn’t have to be long. 🙂

Sheryl O.
I would suggest starting small. If you are looking to become more active start with a little walk each day and gradually increase how far you go. I would also say to make time. Plan out your day so that there are a few gaps between the things you need to do and get some exercise in. Once you create a new routine it will be much easier and soon enough it will just be a part of your life. Hope this helps. 😁

Karen T.
I think everyone had been though the same thing too. It might be the way you organized you time. In my situation, I’ll try to sleep and wake up earlier and workout in the morning.

Cameilla N.
I know the feeling when I think I don’t have enough time but I also realize that if I don’t workout I’ll start to feel sad and lazy and I don’t want to feel that way so I push myself to do 15 min full body workout until I gear up for a 30 min really enjoyable workout 😊

Jessica F.
I generally make small challenges in terms of how far I can run or how many weights I can di instead of making goals in terms of my weight. I also prepare the night before… I lay out my matt, my bomb exercise outfit and everything I need this makes it easier in yhe mornings to get going and do it. I also like wearing clothes that I feel make me look good (exercise clothes … nice leggings etc) while im gymming as it makes me feel more confident. Then with the exercising itself I start small and work my way up

Giulia N.
Maybe because I play volleyball, so it’s in my routine to train. I try to do exercise everyday, even if only for a short time

Haya N.
I don't look at it as a time consuming habit, instead, I see it as a habit that ENHANCES my productivity. It adds to my daily energy that allows me to perform better and get even more things done along the day.

Pietro Z.
I usually exercise one hour and a half after dinner, which means at 21pm. I also put my alarm 10 minutes earlier and i exercise for 10 minutes first thing after I wake up and I drank my water.

Daniel Q.
Sometimes I also think that I don't have time for the exercise but I really realized that Nobody really cares for you. YOU YOURSELF have to take care for yourself instead of waiting around for others to motivate you motivate yourself.

Madalena Z.
So, I don't usually exercise outside of school and I don't have much motivation or energy for it either. But I'm going to try to do more because I'm going to enroll in a dance school, dancing is something I love to practice and it will help keep me healthy and exercised 🙂 but that's only when my classes start now in September. <3

Lukas Y.
I just tried my best to come up with a daily routine that was good enough for me to fit in some exercise every day including weekends. I usually do about 20-25 minutes of exercise each day. Hope this helps!

Evan N.
i wake up earlier than i have to 1. to give myself time to wake up 2. to have more time to accomplish these things. i never have a lot of time either so i just consider most things as habits yk

Emily X.
While I'm making my coffee, or breakfast, is always a dance party, turn up the tunes, drink your water, and dance while you cook!

Teffy R.
First I didnt want to, them I start doing it in automatic and after I still not surebifbI enjoy it but I have been left than a month

Karolina F.
Instead of watching TV in the afternoon,I try to exercise for fifteen minutes. I write my schedule in the morning to manage the time .