How do I encourage myself to exercise?

Marta P.
Most people have different methods to encourage themselves to get up and workout.
At the beginning is the most difficult because either you don't feel like it or you're sore from the day before. So I'll give you some ideas that you can try.
You can write the reasons why you should workout, on your phone, on your journal wherever you feel like it, it will help your mind realize why you should do it.
You can also see YouTube videos of people that are doing fitness challenges or fitness videos in general, I find that seeing people feel better with themselves after working out and showing not only physical progress but also mental makes me want to workout as well, my best suggestion in Linda Sun on YouTube, she is the lost inspiring person I've seen up until now.

Kita P.
When you want to exercise and you don't have courage to just think why you wanted to and look at want you want to be and how you are now if you achieved what you wanted or not?So think what you want to be and what you are now and how you can become that person you want to be.If you have a problem where you are on the bed/seat and watching a movie/tv series remember that you need to do something like star jumps/Jumping jacks or something like that well you are watching something.And remind yourself you need to exercise whether you need to place sticky notes everywhere or write it down everywhere and even tho it will pain well you are exercising even if you use the sessions in Make Me Fabulous remember the pain is worth it!!Good Luck!!

Kaiya N.
Give yourself some motivation! Everyone works differently, and by finding a reward it gives you an incentive to push through

Dawn Z.
Keep a goal in mind. I had to really want to lose weight and get in shape. Then, everyday I pep talk myself and remind myself I can do it. I say this is easy and I'll be done in no time.

Marine Q.
I encourage myself to move my body everyday because I know it helps me to feel good about my self, have more energy and focus better. I love the feeling of being in that healthy flow because I really truly feel more happy when I take care of myself 🙂
To exercise is self love

Chelsea E.
Pick an item you want that's in your budget but not expensive, pick a number of days that you need to do your exercises once you get to 10 buy the cheap item. To encourage yourself to continue with the exercises keep upping the price of the items. 🙂