How long should you hold a stretch?

Adonai F.
At least for two breaths to allow your body time to relax into it. Repeat if necessary and hold the stretch for longer, deepening into it
Carrie P.
I follow the advice a friend of mine (who was in the kinesiology department when I met her at university), which is hold a stretch for 45-60 seconds. I do 1-3 sets of stretches depending on how I feel (physically and mentally). I always do this in the morning for most of my main muscle groups.
Jon Z.
I was always taught to do a short warm-up to warm up your muscles and then stretch at least 15 to 30 seconds for each stretch.
Kilian F.
I hold a stretch for about 20-30 seconds to help me really loosen up my muscles in the morning, and 10-20 in the afternoon before i start homework.
Hiltraud J.
I believe holding a hard stretch for too long can lead to tiredness. We will just end up modifying the position to make it easier for us. That is obviously a risk to take, what if we were to break a bone? That's why I think we should hold a stretch not longer than 30 seconds, unless it's a very easy pose (a resting one).
Aubree Q.
I think you should hold it for as long as you are comfortable with it. Sometimes the recommended time is too short or too long, depending on your capabilities, so try to figure out what is appropriate for you so you do the exercises.
Alex T.
You should stretch inbetween 5 and 10 minutes because it means more time you take to stretch the more active you can be throughout your day.
Tony G.
For as long as is comfortable without pain.
Manel P.
A basic static stretch – holding the pose for an extended period – should last about 30 seconds. Anything less than 20 seconds won't make a significant difference in lengthening muscle fibers and tissue; hold too long and you risk injury
La Ssa A.
Because I’m a dancer I hold each stretch for about 20 seconds. But I do a lot of them. It takes my about 5-10 minutes to get all stretched and warmed up. But if I’m doing only 1 minute, I hold each about 20 seconds each
Mathew O.
No stretch should be done quickly. But other than that it really depends on the area you are stretching. For me it us a few seconds, unless the area is really tight. Good rule of thumb, listen to your body.
Amadeu C.
If I’m starting with stretching in bed, a few seconds for each stretch for a few rounds helps get my blood flowing and muscles awake. If I’ve been moving around and have the time I find what needs the attention and try to hold each stretch 7-10 seconds, the muscles need time to relax and release to get the full benefit of the stretch. Don’t forget to breath and it should never hurt, know your body and acknowledge what it’s telling you if something doesn’t feel good.
Ingetraud F.
30 seconds if you’re starting out, but remember to breathe! Don’t bounce and if it’s painful, end the stretch.
Sander P.
Stretched shouldn't be so short not to feel the tension ، and they shouldn't be long enough to make it painful.
I, personally, hold a stretch between 15-20 seconds
Magnus G.
It depends of you and how you feel during the stretch.

For me it’s also the type of a tretch and the intention behind.

Most stretches I do last 20 seconds. I want to become more flexible so stretches that are at the limit of my capacity will be shorter… like 5 seconds. I do not want to hurt myself.

For me it’s also important to take at least 1 deep breath while stretching.

Franz Josef X.
I read that you should keep it at least 2 breaths. I like to keep it for approximately 5 counts. That way I 'feel' the stretch and it feels good when you let go.
Sophie P.
I should hold a stretch for 5-6 min because it's easy for me but if I hold stretch more than 7 min , I won't able to do exercise
Joanna C.
I usually do stretching for 1 minute. But sometimes i feel incomplete. Coming to your question, i hold 2-3 second per stretch.
Emil E.
Stretch until you're slightly uncomfertable and then hold for 12 seconds.
Hertha B.
I would hold a stretch as long as possible without causing pain or using any muscles to the point of burning. For me I'm looking for release in 30 seconds or less.
Rick T.
Hold it until you feel tension and then repeat the stretch on the opposite side for a equal length of time. If you have sore muscles, hold the stretches that work with those for a few seconds longer and then shake it out after
Lucille P.
It really depends. If your in a stretch that is hard to hold I would only suggest holding it for 15 – 30 seconds, if it is a stretch that is moderately tolerable I would suggest holding it for 30 sec – 1min
Eva X.
I have been following the stretch exercises the app offers. It is usually between 15 seconds and 30 seconds each stretch.
Lilli Z.
I would say hold a stretch for at least 5 seconds. Depending on how it feels for you and how deep of a stretch you want, give or take a couple seconds.
Loretta E.
I think you should hold a stretch for at least 30 seconds. But you can do it in sets, during the 2nd set you can breathe deeper, take the stretch further and lean into it
Elsbeth M.
Typically 30-90 seconds. If that is too uncomfortable, the. Do 3 x 30 second sets.
Constance N.
30 seconds, less than 20 won't make a difference. You don't want to hold for too long either and risk injury.
Timmothy U.
Research has shown for tight muscles holding a stretch for 30-60 seconds and repeating 2-3 times maximizes benefits. Remember research tends to give only give average results for a wide population. Stay in your comfort zone and treat stretching like a long and slow evaluation that need practice over time not something to jump to the limits on the first go. Stretching should feel like stretching not like pain. Also never "bounce" a stretch of force it, stuff muscles are far easier to live with than damaged joints.
Steven O.
It's always important to hold a stretch for at least 15 seconds so that your body feels the full stretch and the elesticty in your muscles isn't whats doing the work.
Eric U.
It's not necessarily dependant on a specific amount of time. I judged the length of holding a stretch by how many deep breaths I complete during the stretch (3-4)
Maria X.
I hold my stretches for 30 seconds! That gives you time to go deeper into the stretch and relax into it.
Sean G.
The amount of time in a stretch would depend on the person and the strectch that you are doing. Start with a shorter time in a stretch (ex. 10 seconds) and increase the amount of time in the stretch as you continue to do it. If the stretch is uncomfortable, then hold it for how long it is comfortable for you.
Est Ban Y.
I’d say it’s not a stretch if you don’t hold it for at least 10 seconds…but the longer the better for making your body feel better.
Am Lia C.
I like to hold for 8-10 breaths unless it's a transition pose. Of course this mostly applies to yoga but I use it in other things too.
Silje P.
Firstly, let me say Don't push yourself, If it starts to hurt just stop. Secondly, I don't think there is a specific time you should hold a stretch. My suggestion is to try it out and time yourself. See how long you can do before it's too much and slowly increase from there. As you increase the time you'll notice you can go really long. That's when I'd suggest you go deeper into the stretch and restart the time. Good luck ☺️
Lson P.
You can hold it for 1 minute ,so that you can fell the strech in your thighs and can become more flexible
Felix P.
If it's a stretch you haven't done before or stretching a muscle that's particularly tight, I stretch for short periods (usually 10-15 secs) with a small rest in between. If it's a muscle group I'm used to stretching. It will be longer, usually 30 seconds at a time.
Neuci E.
I hold it long enough to feel a change in the quality of the tension that becomes ease and comforting instead. Also it's synched with my breath.
Samantha N.
Well, when I do my stretch routine in the morning, I usually watched the 5 minute stretch video on Youtube. So, we do 14 stretches, and we hold each stretch for 20 seconds.
Evelyn S.
I'm not really sure how to hold a stretch but I do one stretch in the morning, I believe it's called the bridge; and I hold that position up to 5 minutes. sometimes I can only do 2 minutes.
Daisy Q.
I hold a stretch for 10-15 seconds, but that’s just what feels right for me. I’m no expert x
Letitia E.
I've heard a stretch should be at the least, 30 seconds. A physical therapist once told me that a stretch less than one minute is useless.
Angelina Y.
About 20 seconds. If you are really tight in a particular area such as the hamstrings, you can hold a light stretch, take a deep breath, and as you exhale, try stretching a bit further & holding that stretch again for at least 20 seconds 👍
Stefan U.
A stretch should be held for at least 10 seconds, long enough to feel the strech in your muscles but not long enough to cause any significant pain.
Leidemere Q.
30 seconds to a minute; it is also important to include active stretching in your routine, not just passive strrtches.
Nicoline Z.
One should hold a stretch for a minimum of 15 seconds to a maximum of 20 or 30 seconds. This ensures that the muscle fibers that are being stretched are stretched adequately.