How do you stick to an exercise routine?

Farrady Y.
Start off small and slow, you don't have to pump out 50 sets in 1 minute if it puts you in a frame of mind that then finds exercise a chore, keep it casual but present

Janet R.
Enjoy the process, don’t treat it like a duty, but much rather, as a treat. Be grateful to yourself for your commitments and celebrate small success, focusing on your process, and never your goals. If you are a result-oriented person, it may be hard and frustrating to continue without visible results, but trust me, if you tune in with your body, you will find things so much more important than a visual image: that is your wellbeing. Routine sticks to you, not other way around, your task is to just make it realistic. And remember: easy does it. Much rather 10minutes of yoga or a 7minute HIIT daily than scheduling 2 hours of gym 3 times a week.

Coka N.
I make a plan for the week on Sunday and I do my best to achieve it … even if I don’t do everything on my list, if I accomplish some of it, it’s better than doing nothing … progress not perfection