Top tips for preparing the night before your morning exercise routine?

Suyin N.
Brefore I go to sleep, I push my desk chair into a corner, roll out my yoga mat and put my blanket on it, and on top I leave the clothes I’ll wear for my yoga practice. I put my laptop and my speakers on the geoumd next to my mat and that way I don’t need to think in the morning
Tyler U.
Have everything ready and accessible. Lay everything out, so that you don t have to set up anything and just start. Don’t go into the kitchen before doing your workout, I tend to drink tea and coffee until I need to get dressed and out, so I have to move around before this happens.
Peyton J.
I don’t have much of a nighttime ritual that focuses on the workout in the morning. But I do try to hype myself up knowing that if I get good sleep, I’ll have an awesome workout in the AM with all the mental and Heath benefits that come with it.
Joanne O.
Lay out your workout gear, fill your water bottle, decide what workout you’re gonna do. Have a backup easy workout planned for days when you feel really blah. For example, you might plan to do a spin workout or to go for a run, but maybe you didn’t sleep well. Have a backup plan to do an easy yoga video or a shorter, easy bike ride.
Magdalena X.
I just get up, drink the water and do gentle exercises, no need to change the close, mat is always next to my bed, so no need to go anywere.
Magnus F.
have a plan of what your gonna do maybe lay out your yoga mat or whatever. you can also try reminding yourself how great you’ll feel when you’ve done it. 🙂