Sometimes I come home from work and feel too tired to do my exercise and end up not going to the gym – any ideas on how can I combat that?

Louka Y.
If you are determined to go to the gym, have you considered going first thing in the morning?
Or, when you get home from work, try going for a five minute walk, doing five pushups/sit ups/crunches/whatever. Just do five. You might find you want to do more once you've started, but if not, that okay.
Salvador Z.
This app taught me to create a workout ritual. A series of things I always do right before working out that get me in the right mindset for it. I had that same problem yesterday. I came home from work exhausted and almost decided not to workout. Instead I decided to just start my ritual, and amazingly enough, it led to me completing a full one-hour workout. Try setting up a ritual. 😊
Dulcilene Q.
Start doing small exercises, there’s a 7min routine in the app, or a 4min core. Just do something, but START, it only takes 10min. Do it in your house if it’s difficult to go to the gym, or take your gym clothes and pass by a park before going to your house after work.

Keep it up, just keep moving!

Eliab P.
I started thinking of going to the the gym as a privilege, I haven’t always had a gym membership and once I’m there it’s hard to leave…
Izete T.
Yea. Simply don't come home from the gym if you can avoid it. Pack your gym clothes with you so that you don't have the temptation to skip a day. Even better if your route home makes you drive past the gym. If it Manditory for you to go home (say to tend to children or a pet) then try to include them in your workout. So go for a longer walk/jog with your dog or make a "play date" with your kids so they help you burn the calories you otherwise would have burned at the gym.
Nicoline N.
Is there any way you could go to the gym before work? I always find it's easier to set time aside for exercise at the beginning of the day before life takes your day over.
Mat O Q.
Try the morning. See if there is a gym nearby open very early. If not then pack your bag before going from home or bring it in the back of the car so its easy to just go there.
Melissa C.
Place your fitness session in the mornings! This can help you to feel fresh and energized right away. To prepare to get up so early go early to bed in the evenings the day before. Hope you will be able to start your day fabulously!
Radmila Y.
You can exercise even while watching tv, just walk or jog in place, do some squats and cherry pickers- just set a timer- even easier to follow the one in the app, and go!
Anton P.
You have a couple of options:
1. Try to go to the gym in the morning before work.
2. Try to use your lunch time to go to the gym.
3. You can have a Pre workout supplement or a shot of coffee that will give enough energy to pump some iron. Beware that most of the Pre workout supplements have caffeine in it and the coffee also have caffeine, if you have these later in the afternoon or evening you may have sleep issues.
Marie F.
As someone who suffers from chronic illness, my evenings can be much the same. No quick fixes (nothing ever is) but try a snack with high protein or high natural sugar – at the very least that’ll give you the motivation to start. Alternatively, why not listen to your body and do some excercise at home? Or something like Yoga? It may be that your body is just telling you it needs a rest and yoga is wonderful for that. Also in the long term, make sure you’re eating balanced meals and hydrating plenty ❤️
Russell P.
Even if you can't muster the energy to go all the way to the gym, get outside and walk around. It's not the intensity that matters at much as reenforcing the habit of getting up and doing something active.
C Lia E.
Start going in the morning! I used to do the same thing, but I started going early in the morning, regardless if I work or not, and then it’s done for the day! And you’ll be surprised how much it actually helps your attitude doing it before everything else. 🙂
Corey O.
I used to be that person. I thought the answer lies in what I say to myself “I’m too tired to go out again”, so one day I decided to have a snack with me, go for a walk and then to the gym directly. It was what made gym stick to my work 🙂
Gerry G.
I think I would prepare my gym bag in the morning and take it with me and go to the gym straight after work, without stopping at home
Austin U.
Set a reminder for yourself so that you have something letting you know. Set a goal for yourself with a time span to achieve it. Make sure you look at yourself everyday so that you see your progress. If you don’t like what you’re seeing than there is something you have to change. Once you start seeing your results you’re going to encourage yourself to go.
Ma Wenn Q.
Maybe come home and get the shake off your low energy with some upbeat dance music. That might just get the party started and improve your mood too.
Aleu Q.
Sometimes i feel the same. Then i say to myself; just put on your gym clothes and see what kind of feeling comes up. And if you still don't want to go to the gym: do a (smaller) home workout! Always try to make a negative to a positive
J Rgen F.
Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and take your gym clothes to work with you. Change into them in the locker room or bathroom at work so you don't have the opportunity to change your mind at home.
Edith P.
It’s all based on what your goals are. Depending on if you’re a morning person or not, I would try to workout in the morning before work, even if it’s just the 7 minute workout. The point is to sweat, not to lose 10 pounds a day. If your goal is to lose weight every day, you need to workout even when you’re tired. What I do, is to find a hobby that’s also good exercise (Biking, paddle boarding, Pilates, yoga, etc.) and bring your clothes and gear to work. Then before you even get home and get comfortable, go and do your workout. I love bike riding, so I don’t make it a hard ride, I just ride and cruise down to the beach by my house, say hi to people and enjoy the day.
Rene P.
I have the same problem with evening workouts. My primary solution is to avoid them by working out in the morning. If that is not possible you can make your workout easier when you are tired. A less intense workout is better than none. Good luck!
Kyle Z.
You could have an exercise at home fall-back plan for those days. I enjoy exercise videos available for free at Fitness You can search by type (strength, cardio, etc), intensity, and time. If you do a quick cardio warm up, you might feel energized to do more. Or you could even stop after a 7 minute workout. Seven minutes of exercise is way better than zero minutes of exercise!
Norman E.
I have this problem too. That’s why I changed my exercise routine and now work out before work. I don’t like getting up earlier but I put all of my gear out the night before and do a fast high intensity workout before work. There is no excuse not to do it, and then I can relax when my work day is over.
Maxine F.
You can change your schedule a bit. If it is easy for you to wake up early, go to the gym before going to work. It will give you tons of energy.
Lola T.
The try to go in the morning. I know it’s hard to do but it really makes a difference. I feel better at work and throughout the day as well. This leaves the evening open for you to pursue other self actualisation goals.

If you’ve only got the time to exercise in the evening after work, use the momentum to carry you. Change into your workout gear before leaving the office if not change immediately once you get home.

Lastly the 5 minute rule is great. Even if you don’t want to go, just go for 5 minutes. If you really don’t feel like working out then that’s okay. But you’ll be surprised how long a workout can turn into just by telling yourself I’ll just go for five minutes.

Isabelle T.
Make sure you’re getting enough sleep (7-9 hours), eating a healthy and balanced diet consisting of Whole Foods (vegetables, fruits, grains, organic meat), and practice a transition meditation in between task switching.

It’s important to take breaks while working every 50 minutes or so (5 minute break) to clear your mind and do nothing for those 5 minutes (a meditation would be great).

One awesome book I can recommend is High Performance Habits by. Brendon Burchard. He also had a podcast and YouTube channel.

Hope this helps!

Kathy T.
I have been in the similar situation before. The initial commitment fades away in face of tiredness. What I have noticed sometimes worked for me was just sitting down for 10 min and just resting and meditating. After little breather my body got the required energy and my mind was receptive again to choose what is the most beneficial for me – whatever it was in hindsight I was pleased that I stuck to it. I am not sure though how to link meditation/rest with exercising on the continuous basis though. Those very separated instances.
Juri E.
There may be a few ways to combat that lack of motivation. 1. Doing your exercise in the morning, so you can start your day knowing you’ve already done some exercise.
2. Preparing your gym clothes on the bed for when you get home from work, so you can get straight into them and head to the gym. Or, you could bring them to work with you, so you don’t finish your day until you’ve been to the gym!
3. Setting yourself a schedule for your whole day, including time set aside for the gym. Sometimes having your whole day mapped out can give you the drive you need to get everything done.
I hope this helps a little!
Korbinian E.
Your excercise doesn't have to be limited to the gym! A walk or jog, 7-minute-workout, or even dancing or yoga is a great way to get some exercise in when you're not up for a full gym session. Hope this helps!
Roger E.
When you get home and your tired don’t go to the gym just do some crunches and sit-ups and pushups at home, so when your done drink some water take a shower and go to bed. Get a good nights sleep, go to bed earlier for more energy, eat a good breakfast and drink lots of water.
Peyton E.
Firstly, don’t feel guilty. Try and catch hold of those subconscious thoughts that gave you reasons to stay at home. Be honest with yourself, were they really excuses?
Brush it off and be aware!
Could u go to the gym on the way home? Then you can just get home and relax in to your evening 😃
Marie X.
Make a commitment in the morning. That way when it's time for gym, you won't have to battle willpower depletion. You already have the decision made. Just don't question your earlier self.
Gisela U.
Enlist a friend that will keep you accountable! I made a friend online and we found out we work out around the same time. We have been FaceTiming at the gym, even if we don’t talk, to make sure we both make it there after work.
Vincent C.
Knowing that you are going to battle getting to the gym after getting home, think through ahead of time as if goingto the gym after work is not an option just as if you had a meeting instead and then plan your exercise. Is it going to the gym or the time that is hindering you? Or is it an exercise routine that simply doesn’t excite you enough? Consider a form of exercise you love. For me it was dropping the gym and doing yoga or tia chi at my church or at home where I was more comfortable and it was more cost effective. I also found I loved yoga and as with it, I also cane to love tia chi. For you it might be bicycling or hiking but look at that aspect, also. If it’s the time frame, consider switching to morning and if that simply isn’t an option, consider an exercise routine that is energizing and doesn’t leave you tired but one you know when you do it, it’s going to bring you energy. With yoga, I have a choice in poses so if I need energizing vs relaxing, etc, I know I can exercise to support that specific need. I found hiring an informed, qualified Masters Level Exercise Physiologist paid off in the long run for me in helping me devise exercise options that worked for my health and lifestyle.
Christy R.
Well, you don’t have to go the gym to excercise. You can do simple things at home. A lot of my ”at home-workouts” are sweatier than my visits to the gym. And if you don’t feel like excercising at all, sitting down on the rug in the living room and just stretching feels great as well. That trains the muscles, just in a different way! It’s also quite calming to stretch and just breathe. It makes you feel closer and more aware of your body!
Johnni G.
Well to help that I would suggest you don’t go home maybe you can find a spot outside or elsewhere where your not home a place that energises you to make you feel happy and calm and that way you could work out for example I like to go to the park to do running but only early in the mornings because it’s so clear and fresh maybe you can find the same.
Cosimo X.
Go directly to the gym. Plan to go before work, bring a change of clothes and have a playlist ready. Home distractions can influence you to find excuses to not exercise.
Wolf R Diger U.
I really understand feeling too tired! You could lay out your clothes, shoes, etc., the night before and do a workout in the morning or fit a workout in at lunchtime. After work, if you don't feel like exercising just start slowly and gently with a goal of 10 minutes. You'll probably be warmed up and decide to continue after that point. If not, maybe you need to look at improving sleeping and eating habits or other self-care. The point is to just START though. That's the hardest part of an exercise habit. Another idea is to split up a workout into smaller increments done at different times of the day.
Ga Tan C.
Go straight from work or have a reward for after (tv or buying something) or have a playlist with songs you love so much, it’s motivating.
Patrick U.
Take a gym bag to work and stop on the way home. Better would be go early as willpower is supposed to be stronger in the morning. But basically try different things until you find something that works for you
Maja W.
Don't go to the gym! Take of your clothes and do the 7 min workout in your undies. After that hit the shower. Feel better.
Lukas S.
Exercise in morning or have a workout bag in your car.. so after work, you just drive to the gym.. literally don’t think about it.. because you will talk yourself out of doing it (if it’s not a habit already). Just focus on showing up to the gym with your bag already prepped in the car from maybe the day before.. and once you are at the gym.. just open your car door.. the rest will take care of itself. You will find the energy to go inside the gym from there.
Donna P.
Try to have a little break with timer setup to 15min or have some carbon-hydrogen-based food like rice or break and then do the short 7-Min exercise.
L Rke C.
If your tired 💤 just focus on getting an early night and have another crack at it tomorrow. Rest days are highly underrated.
Angelina Q.
i dont go tothe gym, but when i used too, on days that i felt i was too tired i would take a 30 min walk in a park… doing something is better than nothing and at times we do need to rest
August W.
Start with the exercise in the app’s make me fabulous section. It’s short and once the habit is ingrained you can increase the length of time.
Isabelle Z.
I get tired, too. Remember that exercise can make you feel more energized. Also, you can do some bodyweight moves or jogging in place at home, without going to the gym. Then relax with a nice hot shower!