How do you stay consistent and persistent with exercise?

Misty F.
I procrastinate a lot and so what I have been doing so far, is to set a schedule and start small ( e.g. run every monday for 10 min.). This way I don’t feel burdened before starting to actually do my exercise. Also I always told myself, that I don’t have to be the fastest runner or the one who does the most push-ups. My trick to stick with the consistency is to just follow the schedule. I don’t have to push over to the limit. Also if I were really busy on that day, I would keep the exercise short (5 push-ups or even just a 5 min stretch)
Lydia Y.
working out in small amounts is key, and celebrating your successes as well. better to work out everyday for 5 minutes, or even 1 minute than to workout 5 hours for 7 days!
Maria O.
It’s the benefits of exercising are unbelievable to my body, without exercise my body will be in a mess, I’ve got spinal cord trauma.. I need to keep the body stronger.
Mei P.
Put on exercise suits after wake up to motivate myself.
Have a workout plan a night before. It’s really help to wake you up in the morning to do the routine.
Tell myself after workout I will have a great and healthy breakfast.
Ann A.
I have a goal for myself, for example, to lose weight. Once you do that for a few days you create a routine for yourself and eventually you will also see results that keep you going. You don’t only feel more active but you also become more and more happy with your body and you are also healthy! So exercising in the morning is highly recommended!
Leeloo W.
Having a exercise partner is the best to keep being motivating. Even through an app, or if you can't go out, doing a face time training helps.
Purple S.
Focus on checking the day rather than smashing every muscle in every workout. Even 5 m matter! You'll almost always want to do much more. And if you have days when you'd rather just stay in bed or if everything seems to be hurting, a light stretch still counts. You've got this!
Nancy S.
I’m not really staying consistent with exercise. If I can’t lift weights or walk on the treadmill, I try to do other things like extra housecleaning or walking farther from an entrance to a store or fast longer.