What do you do to develop a better mindset for tackling your routine first thing in the morning? I don’t like feeling forced, but if I don’t get up with a bit of a panic to go after it, then sometimes I just don’t do anything. How can I create a healthy mental relationship towards waking up depressed, but still able to move and get things done?

Mir Ia Z.
I have a really comfy set of morning clothes that I wear. Rather than staying in my pajamas (which just make me sleepy) or wearing an outfit that I’m not looking forward to (makes me anxious), I have invested in something that I’m excited to put on and makes me happy to get up and while I’m up I’ll do things.

G Lsen U.
Your environment should be to prepared for your action. For examble, your morning plan is do excercise, please prepare all such as water, your light breakfast, clothes … That is a way to help you

Jeremiah O.
For me, it starts with my bedtime routine. I think it is super important to prepare yourself for the next morning the night before. I prioritize disconnecting from my devices, getting a good nights sleep, and writing down a plan for the morning. Creating new habits is definitely an uphill climb and will take time. If you are able to, I would suggest setting up a speaker to automatically play some music 5 minutes after your alarm is supposed to go off. I think music makes the mornings a little sweeter!