Is exercising really a pleasure for you?

Krin P.
Getting started isn't really a pleasure, but during and after defo is if I pick the right thing: yoga, hiit/dance with pumping music, or even a run with 'zombies run' app which I haven't done in years.
Maria E.
Yes! It defenitally is. By exercising, My body is getting healthier and stronger. Im in a better condition and feeling better. Even tough i sometimes get tired of exercising, after a pause, an Apple and a glass of water i feel more energetic that i felt before exercising. It really is a pleasure for me.
C Cilia J.
Yes. Eve. When it's hard to get started, the pleasure of knowing I stepped up to the challenge and that every workout I get a little stronger, gives me a sense of accomplishment.
Placido N.
Si, me ayuda a sentirme bien conmigo misma, al final del día quiero sentirme más fuerte y que mi cuerpo se vea mejor al verme al espejo, pero me siento mejor al verme al espejo sabiendo que me estoy ejercitando aunque no tenga cambios muy significativos.
Ibadullah O.
Exercise is really pleasure for me ….I think it help's for mobility.activity and than also help to protect yourself from different types of disease.