Can you do a different exercise each day? Or should you stick to the same thing for a few days?

Silky O.
I can only stick to a particular workout if it is a challenge, aside from that, I like to try different exercises daily depending on my mood. I just enjoy trying out new things
Faith Q.
It depends on the muscle groups that you’re trying to develop, if you mean “exercises” then you should switch them up daily but doing the same exercise can help develop an area much quicker. Just make sure you listen to your body and give it time to heal because the muscles that you’re continuously engaging will become sore very quickly if you’re doing the same exercise everyday.
Crystal Z.
I prefer sticking to the same area of exercise as it will help your body to be more familiar with the same set of exercises and will also help u improve
Erwan Y.
Well, I normally stick with the same exercises everyday until i can get used to it and then i would change them or modify them.
Vivian Q.
I wil stick on to some of the same usual exercises and adopt changes sometimes. I will give more focus on to the exercises those which my body requires.
Owen T.
Different exercises is good helps build a better base. Variety is good otherwise you will fatigue arms if focus on arms inly or vice versa legs. I try to do 3 of each type and vary them on every second day ie train Monday, Wednesday and Friday as the rest days are as important to allow muscle fibres to heal and strengthen. I am usually running on Tuesday and Thursday so more an aerobic activity.
Karen U.
I stick to the same exercise each day. (The 1 minute exercise on Fabulous). That way I can compare the way I feel and react and feel motivated by the improvement.
But I do mix and match in some additional exercise opportunities , a daily walk and some stretching/yoga moves for flexibility. I consider these extras and feel elevated when I achieve the extras.
Ivone E.
I would stick to the same thing for a few days. As a beginner , i dont really know what to do and what not to. So I would stick to one thing before exploring what else I can do.