What morning exercise do you do?

John P.
I do burpees + a morning walk. Their fantastic for waking me up and setting my circadian rhythm. I find that when I walk in the mornings, I sleep better at night.
Amber O.
It depends on the day. I use YouTube to find strength training workouts, HIIT workouts, Cardio, Yoga, and streching exercises at home. On Saturdays I get up early and get ready for Zumba with a local instructor who offers community classes in a variety of locations for $5. Plus I walk the dog each and every morning. It gets my body up and moving and feeling great.
Florence O.
At home I do a bit of stretching,push ups,dumbell rises and curls mostly as a pre work out, then I go gym and I do my sets depending on what day of the week it is. I follow a weekly schedule
Maryam S.
I walk 6000 to 10000 steps a day.
I want to start doing yoga, because I think it will help with my back pain, another exercise I would like to implement into my daily routine is rope jumping.
Actually I feel a little embarrassed to say that the only exercise I do everyday is walking, therefore I would like to add more exercises to my daily routine, to feel more accomplished.πŸ’…πŸ»πŸ˜Œβ˜•