How should I combat an all or nothing attitude when trying to make an exercise habit stick? I have a tendency to think that its only worth doing a really intense work out and if I fail during it I’m not motivated to do it the next morning. Instead of doing something easier I just don’t do anything at all. Also should I have breakfast before exercising? I feel so deprived working out on an empty stomach which also makes it harder to motivate me to do it. However, I feel like a failure, not disciplined enough and that it’s not worth working out unless it’s on an empty stomach. So mornings when I do have breakfast straight after waking up because I’m starving, I then won’t work out because I feel I’ve blown the routine because I haven’t done it in the correct order.

Heather S.
Maybe try setting a long term goal, like exercise for 30 minutes. Then start with something easier like 5 minutes the first day. If it feels to easy, then you can just increase the by an increment tomorrow. Basically, think of finishing your daily goal as the true challenge. You can eat before you exercise. Last I looked up it can help to eat 30 minutes before you exercise. Not everyone is the same, so do your routines in an order that works for you.
Heather T.
No problem, take it easy and do excercise whenever you can. For example sometimes I do it at night or evening but just do it and just started with simple and easy movement. Think about your muscles and focus on your practice.Do youga in this app. That was nice for me special in morning because I felt sleepy and this help me to start a refresh day. Don't blame yourself and don't overthink 😊🌷. At first just do 4 min and then make it longer. you CAN, I'll promise to you 🥰
Theresa Y.
For food – protein shake if you need something in your tummy. Or a breakfast bar of some sort. I eat perfect bars. Something quick and filling so that food isn’t an obstacle.

Workout first thing, so that it is done and the day can’t give you the excuse you need to opt out.

Drink some preworkout to give you the energy level you need to get going.

As far as effort, take it at your own pace. Check out YouTube tutorials to get some ideas for workouts. Be good to yourself and just know that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Don’t go for 50 pounds, start with 20 and see how it feels.

Never ever be afraid to ask those that are serious about health/exercise for help. 90% of those are over the moon excited to help those that are truly interested. Don’t forget about your community around you and accountability partners!

Main thing – don’t give up. This is for you, and you’re worth it!

Andreas C.
Firstly, think that even a small workout or just a min of jumping jacks or so will still do! It's better than you did nothing instead. So put on your workout clothes and start working out, you can pick your favorite workout outfit on the day you don't feel motivated. Next, yes you should eat breakfast before your workout if you feel deprived with an empty stomach, but just a light breakfast, like an energy drink or energy bar, toast…… You can be flexible and change your morning routine to a more suitable one.