Why work out if I’m not seeing results?

Livia Y.
Working out makes the mind and body feel better, and it shouldn’t be about looking a different way. the results will come in, but in the meantime just enjoy yourself!
Tonja Y.
Working out give you strength physically , mentally emotionally and aids in spiritual growth to know that everything is easier when just believe in what your doing and yourself, see the results before they come.
El Na Q.
It's okay. Just keep work out and we promise you that you will see a result. A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Remember, hard work pays off.
Natalie Z.
It's not all about seeing results but it's about living a healthy life,,,out might not see the results in physical but it's there in mental, and what causes not to see results is if you don't believe in working out and you are just doing it for the sake of doing you won't see results…love what you are doing and enjoy it and you will see results
Hayley Q.
Because if you stay the same weight whilst exercising that's better than putting it on. It's also good for your mental health.
Wesley S.
Because even though you can’t see it on the outside you body can feel it on the inside and loves you for it… keep doing it…
Eloane P.
You will most likely not see results from the begging but day after day you will start feeling more motivated happier and eventually you'll see results. Remember to never stop trying no matter what others might say 🙂
Paola P.
Because the result is not the point. Increasing your quality of life is, and that increase was already in motion the second you begun to take your health seriously.
Ryan C.
You may not see physical results right away, but your focus and your energy get way better. Personally, right after my workouts, I feel a lot better and my motivation increases. In my opinion that's the most important thing to have a good day ✨
Norma O.
Exercise or movement is medicine… like any habit its difficult to kick it in, but once you devise your own enjoyable routine you will not feel the strain but miss not doing it and with time your metabolism increases you will start to see physical toning , improvement of strength and exercise tolerance… life becomes less daunting, the tasks you used to drag on doing become easier…as such with a healthier body life generally feels less stressful etc… like everything else hard at first and becomes easier later!!!
Savannah Q.
That might be hard to see there are short-term benefits to exercise like feeling more awake and happy. Also you will definitely see results in the long term. It might be good to track your time or your weight so you can see the progress you're making.