What type of exercise is your favorite?

Abdul J.
In the morning I do some stretches and after that, I dance while I'm preparing my breakfast. For more intense workouts I go for some HIIT or I find some abs workouts online and follow them.
Alana F.
I love yoga and running because I can do them from home. Makes it easier for me to keep a routine and easier to do even when I have low energy and don't feel like it. I also love Jazzercise because it's a great cardio and strength workout, and is loads of fun. It's like a blend of dancing and excercising… I often find myself singing along!
Sean R.
I'm not a fan of push ups and because I'm not a fan I know that whenever I feel the need to challenge myself physically my go to would be push up. Because it makes me the most uncomfortable.
Tiffany O.
I like swimming, yoga user to do cross country running which is not my favorite. I'd rather do an aerobic workout or take both or dancing
Klaus Peter Z.
I prefer cycling and playing badminton. For me, I could relax my mind and watch the beautiful sceneries when cycling. I often take the time for self reflection and appreciate what I have. I spend time with my neighbours and friends playing badminton, and I especially love it when we threw the shuttlecocks so high that it's so hard to catch it.
Wilhelm N.
Walking is amazing for working your brain as well as staying fit.

For a more intense workout I enjoy Tabata. It really gets the blood pumping.

Jesse W.
Yoga, pilates, walking, low impact yet effective challenges. I am starting to enjoy challenging my body to get to the next level.
Jordan C.
I really love yoga and pilates – they provide more to me than just physical activity. On my days off, I like to hike at state/national parks.
Alyssa O.
I love walking. It's simple, but effective. It's free, can be done anywhere, and is proven to improve both physical and mental health. At the height of the most stressful times in my life, a long brisk walk is the only way to clear my head.
A Cat In The Atti C N.
I personally like things like the candlestick pose in yoga! I guess yoga would be my favorite type of exercising. I don’t even know if it’s considered exercising though… oh well!