How do you keep committing to exercising?

Storm X.
After going backwards and forwards and through phases of being really consistent and doing great, to then stopping again. I realised every time I restarted that I was still after the same goals. And by continuously stopping the habit of exercising, I was only delaying my own achievements. You need to have a vision in your mind. You need to close your eyes and picture YOUrself, not anybody else, doing the exact exercises that you keep procrastinating. But also the exact results that you want. You need to remind yourself – ‘why would I just want be stuck in the same place as I am now, in the next month, 6 months, even year?’ And one of this biggest factors of course: do the exercises that YOU love. Do what works for YOU. Don’t follow someone else’s plan if that doesn’t feel right to you, or doesn’t fit in with your life, or you’re not feeling anything from. From simply gentle yoga, all the way up to the gym, athletics, really try out new things and discover what you feel the most powerful and great doing, in your own mind and body.

Meghan U.
I'm not going to lie at first I was lazy and started making excuses to not workout and leave it to another day, but then I realized that it's just my brain that's trying to find excuses to not do it meanwhile stay comfortable. And you don't grow when you're comfortable remember this so what I did is I set time to exercise and it doesn't have to be 1h per day start little by little even 10 min is really enough and when I try to make excuses I say no and I do it it doesn't matter what I was doing or going to do It's time for it let's get it done
That's it I hope I'll help you<3