How do you even start exercising?

Eliana P.
When I exercise, I like to do squats, crunches, jumping jacks, and leg lifts. I also like to go for walks/runs, and I like to ride my bike.
Julie T.
Okay so um, First I get prepared to exercise and get a bottle of water and just put some of my favorite music to just get me In the mood. Then I just run for about 1-8 min as a warm up and thennn I do 2 10 minute workouts and that’s practically it
Margaux O.
First of all, you should start exercising for the right reasons which are usually centered around being healthy. Wrong reasons include to get a certain body, or be of a certain shape…these are not good reasons.
To get a feel of exercising you can start with searching up home exercises on YouTube, and slowly experiment and try out which best tires you, is suitable for you…
Also remember to eat healthy, exercising then eating all junk is counterproductive…
Ethan O.
I start exercising by doing a stretch first. I find that stretching out my body gets me ready for a morning walk/jog/run, and motivates me to continue through with it.
Lauren U.
Literally do anything.. in the morning after I drink some water I’ll just stretch at least I do something just anything and be proud of what you do get in the habit of doing anything like stretching or a few jumping jacks, some walking or some yoga and you can slowly add in anything you want running, dancing or some weights or a YouTube workout session but don’t worry about not doing enough.. be proud of whatever you do. You’re strong and you’re amazing! Always give yourself positive reinforcement. Take a deep breath and relax. That’s the best things I can say I hope it helps
Hector C.
It’s really hard to get started but I just remind myself that it’s okay if I accidentally skip a night, or I choose not to do it for a day. Nothing is more important than your mental health and if doing a small workout feels like too much one day then don’t do it. Also, remember that you don’t have to do a full workout or the same thing every day. If you can only do half of your regular routine one day then that’s completely fine. Remember that whatever you feel like you can do is all that you need to do