Is it easier to exercise alone or with a friend?

Olga N.
For right now it's easier for me to exercise alone because I can take my time. I am just starting back exercising and need to build myself up.
Albert G.
I like to work out to a YouTube video. I select one video each week. While I workout to the same video, every day I set different goals to push myself. Examples of goals would be to complete the whole video with out giving up, or to focus on using the correct techniques and engage the correct muscle groups.
Lex P.
Never underestimate the value and accountability of a friend!! I am just back from a 26 mile bike ride. Without a friend its not safe its not as long and it's not as fantastic……
But a nice quiet do it yourself morning is fantastic 👏 I do both
Howard N.
For me, I work in a job where i have to be extremely social. So, to decompress working out alone feels soothing and calm. A partner can hold you accountable
Jacob B.
Working out alone is easier for me because it requires less coordination. I have a yoga mat set up on my bedroom floor and I can always do some exercises throughout the day and right when I get up! I do push myself harder when I’m with a group, though, so it can definitely be beneficial.
Kimberly Q.
It depends on the exercise itself! If it's a dance class, A friend is always better. If it's something like yoga, sometimes doing it alone is better so you can be more mindful of how your body is moving.
Letaief N.
It depends. If you need to have more exercises done in a shorter period of time, then exercising alone can be better. However, sometimes it's harder to find motivation alone so finding a good exercising partner can definitely be easier.
Kirk T.
I have gone through moments where both were helpful. When getting started, having a friend is really helpful. However, after I got use to working out, I found I was most consistent when I was alone. This is especially true when getting together or coordinating schedules became more challenging.
Nick P.
If you happen to be on the same page as your friend and you're both determined, it is definitely easier to exercise with a friend. It makes things more fun and they give you an extra perspective to help you improve.
Sofia W.
I think with a friend. I haven't worked out with a friend in a long time. But recently got back in touch with really good friends. Last night we were talking about training for a half marathon together. I'm very excited to do this, even though we are in different states. But knowing we are working towards a goal together, and something we will do in the future is really helping me start to be excited about working out again.
Laura J.
I find it easier to exercise alone now because I don't feel judged. Also, I don't want to struggle with setting up a zoom meeting that is necessary due to Cov-19 social distancing.
Kerri O.
That depends. For me, exercising alone is easier because I feel completely safe. Sometimes working out with my husband or bestie is fun too! But for me, when I exercise in a more public place, I feel more worried about if I'm doing things correctly or how I look.
Lia O.
For me, it's easier to be alone. I get to focus on myself and what I'm doing. To also reflect on things as what would happen or has happened. For others, it might be more fun and energizing with a friend than rather being alone because they may also get sidetracked and not finish their exercise session. Good luck!
Kay N.
It’s easier and more motivational with a friend or even a relative. I’m a living proof of that, since I’ve been running 3-5 kms with my dad for the past 8 days and im loving it.
Melissa Q.
For me,alone is easier. With a friend I always feel the need to keep up and push too hard. So it hurts more than it helps. I prefer just music or a podcast.
Jacob Y.
I generally exercise alone. It's easier to keep focused. Going to an exercise class with a friend is great though! It can keep you from skipping.
Ann U.
It depends. If you exercise with someone who’s motivated, it can be fun and get you to go further than you would on your own. However, doing some things alone can be enjoyable self-care.
Christopher Q.
It really all depends on the person. I really do enjoy working out by myself often because people can have a tendency to drag you down with them. At the same time though, I recently started working out with my wife and it’s been great! We’re both very like minded people and we both give each other that push when we’re having a bad day. The goal is not whether or not it’s better to work out with or without someone, but to find someone who keeps you moving and active.
Eliot T.
Depends. For the more intensity / exertion targeted sessions with someone helps push to and beyond self limits. All other days I go solo and take my time warming up to figure out whats sore or what needs attention. Most times it's brick walk with breath work and stretching
Jade Z.
I think it's a personal choice, but I prefer to workout alone. I feel more confident and like I can go at my own level of strength. Although a friend could be a good motivation so I really think it's just up to the person.